Webroot releases BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways to guard equipment against network, Internet-based threats

Webroot released Tuesday BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways to help developers of critical infrastructure equipment guard against network and Internet-based threats. The cybersecurity service is offered to Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway partners and developers of IoT solutions to augment real-time protection against malicious threats, unauthorized network access, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways enables users to prevent threats from crossing the IT/OT threshold which is essential for IoT centric organizations and device designers, apart from disabling communication to and from malicious IPs and websites. Webroot enables manufacturers of IoT Gateways to better protect their customers with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence.

Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways is available to embedded systems developers and systems integrators to address the growing new classes of IoT systems, such as connected automobiles, industrial automation, process control, aviation, railway, power management, and home energy management.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways offers an effective way to help Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) security administrators secure their critical infrastructure and devices against network based threats. This high volume, high availability cloud service delivers real-time threat intelligence on malicious IPs and websites to IoT Gateways for added security. This includes latest and accurate website content and reputation intelligence, and threat identification of ten categories of IP-borne attacks such as botnets and command and control services.

With this service, IoT gateway manufacturers can address customers’ key concerns, including device integrity, IT, OT and bandwidth resources, as well as legal liabilities around network usage and compliance. Leveraging Webroot threat intelligence, IoT device and platform developers will improve the effectiveness of blocking unwanted inbound traffic and also ensure that outbound communications are not being used for malicious purposes.

By integrating Webroot Threat Intelligence into IoT gateways, users are provided with an additional layer of IP and web filtering protection from sites that host malware or spyware. It enhances IoT gateways to increase real-time protection against known malicious threats, unauthorized network access and DoS attacks, and enables IoT-centric enterprises to allow devices to communicate with reputable servers on the internet, while preventing access to low reputation or threat-based locations that may host malicious software or other threat types.

Using intuitive software development kit (SDK), REST services, and an API, partners can integrate BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services into their own solutions. The service integrates with existing security solutions through the same SDK as other BrightCloud services, making integration of multiple services easy. Depending on the business need, BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services may be integrated in different modes, enabling partners to select the integration and deployment type ideal to their needs.

The options are hosted with IP and URL queries are sent over the internet to the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform; local database which is downloaded to the endpoint, no queries are sent to the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform and the database is updated once daily; hybrid model wherein all queries are first examined against a locally cached database. If the IP or URL category and reputation score are not stored there, then the query is forwarded to Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform for classification and scoring.

“IoT gateways are now being designed to serve as a bridge between intelligent things, IP addressable systems, and their command and control systems,” said John Sirianni, vice president of IoT strategic partnerships at Webroot. “However, when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure, traditional cybersecurity approaches are difficult to integrate and often don’t keep pace with operational devices. BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways offers the most effective way to secure critical, cloud-connected infrastructure against malicious inbound and outbound communications in real-time by using collective threat intelligence.”

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