Telkonet boosts lineup of EcoSmart platform with EcoTouch+ battery for wire-free installation

Telkonet Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent room automation solutions supporting the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), showcased on Monday a new wireless thermostat, the EcoTouch+ Battery, at the 2017 AHR Expo.

Part of the EcoSmart platform, the EcoTouch+ Battery features a user-friendly glass touch screen that offers customers the opportunity to optimize energy efficiency while also enjoying easy, wire-free installation.

The EcoTouch+ Battery wireless thermostat features a modern glass touch screen with LED display and intuitive controls. A built-in occupancy sensor only activates the screen when a person is nearby, helping to best manage battery life.

The combination of a wireless display and battery-operated power source allows complete freedom to install the thermostat anywhere, integrating the EcoTouch into the overall interior design; and when room renovations dictate relocation, moving the thermostat only takes a few minutes.

Connecting energy management systems through wireless devices is becoming a standard rather than just a trend. Cisco estimates that by the year 2020, the number of connected devices in the world will increase to 50 billion, up from 15 billion currently.

Connected devices allow for better tracking of data and visibility into usage behaviors to improve decision making, which can improve the customer experience and drive down energy costs.

The EcoTouch+ Battery is also ZigBee® Home Automation compliant for easy integration with other wireless devices. When networked, the EcoTouch+ Battery can log usage data that can be integrated into nearly any PMS system to best track usage and set programmable heating and cooling schedules. When paired with the EcoSource on the EcoSmart platform, the two devices form a wireless programmable thermostat with over 125 configurable settings used to control efficiency and performance of a wide variety of commercial HVAC systems.

The EcoSmart intelligent automation platform helps multi-room properties better manage energy costs by providing in-depth energy usage analysis that allows facilities managers to develop and deploy targeted solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency.

This is achieved using a full suite of IoT-connected wireless products, from intelligent thermostats to occupancy sensors. Most users see a 20-45 percent reduction in energy costs.

In addition to the EcoTouch+ Battery, Telkonet also launched a VRF Controller at the ARH Expo 2017. The new controller helps further optimize VRF, VRV and VRP HVAC systems to maximize energy efficiency. Both devices are an evolution of the EcoSmart platform, offering the latest in innovation to stay ahead of customer demand.

“The EcoSmart platform is a full suite of wirelessly integrated devices designed to work together to maximize energy efficiency to achieve cost savings,” said Jason Tienor, CEO, Telkonet. “The new EcoTouch+ Battery is another option for customers who may be more confined in their installation options due to constraints of either the room design, existing wiring or lack thereof.”

“At the end of the day, our customers’ needs drive our innovation,” said Tienor. “As energy costs continue to increase, our customers, be it a hotel operator or student housing facility, want to better manage energy usage in an effort to be more green and to save dollars that can be better invested elsewhere.”

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