Telit, Intel come together on joint-architecture for IoT platforms for industrial Internet of Things

Telit announced Tuesday that it has collaborated with Intel on a joint-architecture for multiple Intel IoT developer platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things. The commercially available Intel IoT platform consists of end-to-end reference architectures and products with Telit deviceWISE edge-intelligence technology, which includes extensive device driver libraries and built-in cloud-readiness – giving companies an instant onramp to the Industrial IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are delivering better results with lower costs at almost every level of operations. Process optimization through integrated IT systems boosts productivity, speeds the response to customer needs, drives revenue growth, and more. Industry 4.0 transformations also enable predictive maintenance, which maximizes machine uptime while reducing costs for parts, labor, and supplies to maintain equipment.

However, transitioning to an Industry 4.0 connected and networked operational model can generate tremendous organizational and technological challenges. Many industrial businesses—from manufacturing to energy and agricultural—have a range of devices operating on a number of different communication protocols.

Leveraging expertise in industrial automation and IoT, Telit has developed the deviceWISE asset gateway software agent and cloud-based Telit IoT platform. They can turn any Intel IoT Platform into an Industry 4.0 on-ramp to full IoT implementation. deviceWISE provides a logic engine with an extensive library of industrial machine protocols and drivers, resulting in Industry 4.0 Asset Gateway offering.

Solutions that are based on Intel IoT Gateway technology and powered by Telit’s deviceWISE platform provide high performance and security for intelligence at the edge, enabling near-real-time analysis and tighter, more efficient process controls, all while reducing data transmission costs.

The collaboration between Telit and Intel provides far-reaching benefits for remote machine monitoring and control, production diagnostics and predictive maintenance across all markets and industries worldwide.

Businesses deploying Intel IoT Platform Technology solutions can establish and future-proof their IoT strategy, connect legacy and new systems, help data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud, and save money for years to come. With support for multiple operating systems and processor performance levels, solutions based on Intel IoT Gateway Technology with deviceWISE are scalable and able to meet needs for a broad range of applications.

“Earlier this year, Telit announced the formation of its Industrial IoT business unit and our collaboration with Intel has created a new way for companies to onboard to the Internet of Things,” commented Fred Yentz, CEO, Telit IoT Platforms. “Intel has adopted the widely-deployed deviceWISE platform architecture for its superior edge intelligence, cloud-ready connectivity and seamless integration into enterprise systems.”

“The ecosystem is critical to the Intel IoT strategy,” said Doug Davis, senior vice president of Internet of Things Group at Intel. “Collaborations with companies like Telit enable Intel to provide key IoT building blocks for our customers to easily scale and drive growth for their IoT solutions.”

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