Simless delivers telcos, manufacturers with digital embedded SIM for the Internet of Things

Simless recently launched a new fully digital form factor of the embedded SIM (eSIM). Simless’s eSIM enables cellular device manufacturers to incorporate eSIM technology without the burdensome cost and complexity of investing in eSIM hardware.

Instead of sourcing expensive MFF2 eSIM chips from SIM vendors, manufacturers can install Simless’s eSIM application directly onto the device processor. Once the Simless eSIM is running on the device, Simless can provision and manage the telco SIM profiles stored in the digital eSIM via its Subscription Management Platform, which follows the GSMA’s specifications for M2M / Internet of Things (IoT) and Consumer Remote Provisioning.

With Simless’s eSIM technology, telcos can provision connectivity to cellular devices as easily as other competing “SIM-free” technologies such as Sigfox and LoRA. Simless specializes in digital eSIM solutions for telcos and cellular device manufacturers, and has integrated its digital eSIM technology with all types of cellular devices including smartphones, wearables and IoT devices, while working with global telcos to help them connect devices to their networks.

Simless utilizes ARM TrustZone technology wherever possible to secure its eSIM.

“The IoT introduces a new set of device design parameters and installing an eSIM directly onto the processor is a more flexible solution that will save on cost and energy,” said Charlene Marini, vice president of segment marketing, ARM. “Creating the SIM digitally on an ARMv8-M embedded processor brings in all the benefits of ARM TrustZone, a proven security technology supporting applications such as e-banking and e-commerce on today’s smartphones.”

Simless is conducting IoT and smartphone pilots with several global telcos and their responses have been enthusiastic.

“Cellular networks offer the combination of greatest coverage and quality of service. Simless’s technology removes the major pain point for cellular IoT deployment: the pairing of a physical SIM card or eSIM chip with a device. Simless removes the hardware complexity inherent with SIM cards thereby helping to ensure cellular will be the go-to technology for IoT for years to come,” said Paul Bullock, Head of IoT, Jersey Telecom.

At ARM TechCon, Simless demonstrated its technology via a small robot vehicle that connects to various cellular networks whose SIM cards reside digitally on the device’s processor. The robot is outfitted with the LISA-U230 cellular module from u-blox, whose cellular modules are compatible with Simless technology off-the-shelf.

“At u-blox, customer satisfaction is very important to us. The compatibility of Simless’s digital embedded SIM with our modules gives our customers more choices and flexibility,” said Andreas Thiel, Co-Founder of u-blox. “Simless’s eSIM is open to all telcos and it provides a simple, low-cost alternative to hardware eSIMs that manufacturers can easily deploy.”


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