Silver Spring’s Smart Cities platform, Streetlight.Vision, achieves TALQ Consortium certification

Silver Spring Networks announced this week that it has earned certification from the TALQ Consortium for its smart city platform, Streetlight.Vision (SLV) Central Management System (CMS). The TALQ Consortium includes outdoor lighting controls vendors, and has established a global standard to enable interoperability between CMS interfaces and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN).

Over the last two years, the TALQ Consortium has invested in building a robust certification tool, and Silver Spring is one of three companies globally to complete the certification process to have a product that is fully TALQ-certified. With this announcement, over 500 cities in 16 countries that have deployed SLV, including London, Miami, Paris, Auckland, and Oslo, can upgrade their CMS to become TALQ compliant.

This certification demonstrates that Silver Spring’s standards-based technology can drive interoperability for outdoor lighting networks, which have become critical in building a foundation for additional IoT services and applications for smart city programs around the world.

SLV is Silver Spring’s CMS that helps customers leverage an existing street light network and transform it into a smart city platform by enabling remote command and control, along with real-time monitoring. SLV helps municipalities, utilities, energy service companies, and contractors to lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and improve lighting reliability and public safety.

“We congratulate Silver Spring Networks on having SLV pass its interoperability testing to become one of the first TALQ-certified products,” said Nick Hewish, Facilitator, TALQ Consortium Working Group. “Silver Spring is representative of the TALQ Consortium’s mission to provide customers globally with access to the industry’s best standards-based technologies—particularly platforms that enable the deployment of services beyond lighting and into other areas of smart cities and the IoT—helping cities realize benefits such as energy savings and maintenance optimization.”

“This is an exciting development for the smart cities industry. Standards and interoperability help foster competition, which in turn accelerates the market for the benefit of customers and the areas in which they deploy,” said Dan Evans, Senior Director of Smart Cities and Street Lighting, Silver Spring Networks. “We are thrilled to become TALQ-certified and also look forward to our continued work with the consortium as the group extends the TALQ protocol into additional smart city services such as waste management and traffic analytics.”

Silver Spring also announced the launch of its developer program in a majority of countries in Europe and a portion of countries in the Middle East. The expansion into these new regions will help accelerate innovation for the Internet of Important Things, by unifying the development process and increasing the number of solution partners with access to Silver Spring’s proven standards-based platform.

The Developer Program is open to new and existing customers and developers who are building the next-generation of sensors, actuators, devices, and applications within the smart utility, smart city, and industrial IoT sectors. Participants of the Silver Spring Developer Program can create and test new IoT solutions that can be delivered through the Starfish platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which is based on Silver Spring’s proven, secure, reliable, and standards-based wireless network and data platform.

Since the launch of Silver Spring’s developer kits in May, more than 60 developers have started working to integrate their IoT solutions. D3 LED, a LED digital signage manufacturer, and eLichens, a startup company based in France and Silicon Valley that develops low-power air quality monitoring sensors, are two examples of companies that, since the developer kits’ introduction in the U.S. earlier this year, have leveraged Silver Spring’s developer kits and tools to create IoT applications and services.

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