Senet launches IoT technology initiative with Gemalto to boost security for LoRa connected devices

Senet entered on Wednesday into a IoT technology initiative with Gemalto, vendor of digital security, to drive the highest level of security for LoRaWAN connected devices. This collaboration between the two companies will provide a full integration of Senet’s open, standards-based network with the Gemalto Trusted Key Manager product providing IoT solution providers and enterprises desiring to use LPWAN technology an easy to integrate and use end-to-end offering for key provisioning, authentication and security for devices connecting to LoRa-based networks.

The Trusted Key Manager leverages Gemalto security best practices and hardware tamper resistance for key generation and storage. The result delivers two critical features for global IoT deployments including end-to-end device security and data privacy are made easily accessible to all solution providers; and mass production of devices destined for global deployment with flexible and secure, cloud-based provisioning at time of deployment will enable multi-national solution providers to confidently produce and deploy LoRaWAN devices throughout all markets.

“The integration between Gemalto’s world-class security and identity management offering and Senet’s leading LPWAN IoT network clearly demonstrates our commitment, and that of the LoRa Alliance, to continue to provide and improve on the degree of protection for connected devices in IoT deployments,” said Will Yapp, Senet’s vice president of business development. “As the leading LPWAN service provider in North America, we take device security very seriously. Gemalto provided the broadest and most complete offering to supply the highest level of security possible to our customers.”

“We are committed to providing LoRaWAN service providers globally with the best-of-breed solutions for securely provisioning and authenticating IoT devices on their networks,” said Juan Carlos Lazcano, vice president of M2M for North America at Gemalto. “With Senet being the first and only public LoRaWAN service provider in North America, partnering with them was key to our North American market strategy.”

Senet had in July entered into an IoT technology partnership with myDevices, creators of Cayenne, a drag-and-drop IoT project builder to provide an integration of Senet’s open, standards-based network with myDevices’ connected device solution to simplify the creation and deployment of IoT projects utilizing the LoRa ecosystem.

Senet recently achieved a significant milestone with deployment of their network in 100 U.S. cities and announced plans to double that figure in the next year. Their proven ability to launch and manage networks, while also deploying both Macrocell and Microcell technology at scale, provides support for a multitude of LPWAN use cases. The LoRa Alliance is a non-profit association of members dedicated to standardize LPWANs, and provide seamless interoperability between smart devices. Senet currently has the largest deployment of LoRaWAN in the United States.

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