Quanergy and Cisco come together for smart city connected roadway offerings

Quanergy, provider of solid state LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, and Cisco, announced on Tuesday a smart city collaboration promoting Cisco’s Connected Roadway efforts. Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors and Qortex perception software will be integrated with Cisco’s advanced networking capabilities to create IoT solutions for smart transportation.

Quanergy and Cisco have implemented a connected roadway experience solution in the city of Las Vegas that focuses on pedestrian safety. The initial intersection is located on E. Clark Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets and utilizes Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensor to track the flow of pedestrians and, in the future, it will also track cars and buses.

Cisco’s Smart City Connected Roadway solutions, powered by Cisco Kinetic, links people, processes, data and connected devices to create an intelligent network infrastructure that allows cities to use data analytics to gain new insights and make more informed decisions. It can help make streets and highways safer and more efficient for both motorists and pedestrians. Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors and software will integrate with the Cisco Kinetic platform.

By working together, Quanergy and Cisco are advancing intelligent transportation systems that examine how cities can improve driver and pedestrian safety as well as traffic flow.

“Las Vegas is a highly trafficked city, especially for pedestrians, so we are constantly working to implement innovative technologies to better understand and manage the flow of vehicles and people,” said Michael Lee Sherwood, Director of Information Technologies for the City of Las Vegas. “With the insights gained from Quanergy’s integration with Cisco’s Smart City Connected Roadway efforts, we’ve already seen the significant advantage that greater sensing and perception capabilities can have on the transportation systems that are integral to any thriving city.”

LiDAR, or light detection and ranging, uses lasers to sense the size and location of objects to create a detailed 3D map of the physical world that is refreshed many times per second. Quanergy is the only LiDAR manufacturer that provides both LiDAR sensor hardware and perception software.

This combination allows machines to both sense and perceive their surroundings, meaning they can not only detect and classify objects, but also analyze this data with Qortex, Quanergy’s recently-introduced perception software, to help make informed decisions in real time.

“The goal of the Cisco Connected Roadway solution is to harness the power of technology and edge computing to promote faster data analysis and communication amongst vehicles, drivers, lighting and connected signage to help keep pedestrians, drivers and road workers safe,” said Alison Gleeson, Senior Vice President of the Americas, Cisco. “Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors and software provide unprecedented levels of awareness on the road, and will be a highly valuable asset to the project moving forward.”

“Cisco has its sights set on preparing our cities and roadways for the next evolution in mobility,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO of Quanergy. “Integrating Quanergy’s LiDAR with the Cisco Connected Roadway solution is an important step in updating outdated transportation systems and making them more intelligent. Together, we will play a leading role in making roads dramatically safer and more efficient for motorists, pedestrians and road workers.”

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