Penton’s IoT Institute, CMO Council join to boost impact of connectedness through the Industrial Internet of Things

Penton’s IoT Institute, an online community, live events and research brand focused on the Internet of Things and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council are collaborating on a joint discovery project around the impact of connectedness by the industrial IoT.

Adopting Penton’s audience of 10 million IoT decision makers reaching all of its 14 vertical markets and the CMO Council’s global network of 10,000+ marketing members, the combined research will take into account how Industrial IoT is reducing risk and cost while also maximizing uptime and furthering efficiencies, how to identify best practices and successes with industrial IoT applications, how connected systems are contributing to greater business continuity and productivity, how enterprise connectedness can create greater business value, and how connectedness is impacting interactions with customers, employees, channel, developers, suppliers, investors, opinion leaders and regulators.

The IoT Institute provides actionable case studies, insights, research, and e-learning on the industrial and cultural phenomenon that’s changing the shape of business and cities. The IoT Institute’s mission is to enable cross-industry and cross-job function learning to drive business performance.

Penton Launches The IoT Institute; Penton's First "Horizontal" Franchise Launch Will Apply To All 14 Company Verticals, Immediately Creates A Target Audience Of 10MM Professionals (PRNewsFoto/Penton)
Penton Launches The IoT Institute; Penton’s First “Horizontal” Franchise Launch Will Apply To All 14 Company Verticals, Immediately Creates A Target Audience Of 10MM Professionals (PRNewsFoto/Penton)

“The industrial IoT revolution is here and the marketing opportunities around it are limitless,” said Paul Miller, Penton’s group president. “By teaming up with the CMO Council we will develop research that will help companies to engage with enterprise customers and activate new relationships in the IoT marketplace.”

“Connecting all areas of the brand value chain is bringing in a new era of customized commerce, predictive experience and customer accountability,” noted Donovan Neale-May, executive director at the CMO Council. “Harvesting real-time insights from Industrial IoT data gives companies the opportunities to find new sources of revenue, lower cost, run more efficiently, and reduce risk. This study and partnership with Penton will do much to help our members ride the IoT wave.”

Penton launched last week the IoT Institute, a new business unit focused on the growing world of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT will unleash US$6.2 trillion in new global economic value annually by 2025, with $2.3 trillion coming from the global manufacturing industry alone. While most coverage of IoT centers on the hype around wearables and other consumer applications, the largest market will be in industrial application.

The IoT Institute franchise encompasses information services, learning, research and live events. The IoT Institute launches with a digital community that enables cross-industry and cross-job function learning to drive IoT market value and results; IoT Emerge, scheduled to take place in Chicago this fall, will offer real-world insights and demos, cross-functional peer-to-peer networking, advice and lessons, alongside industry research focused to educate and drive business performance with IoT.

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