New Philips Day-Brite LED Linear Suspended LBX expands indoor positioning system

Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips company and provider of lighting solutions, expanded on Tuesday its  LED connected lighting indoor positioning system in North America.

At the LIGHTFAIR International tradeshow in San Diego, the company announced a luminaire, the Philips Day-Brite LED Linear Suspended LBX, adding to its indoor positioning portfolio, which has been deployed with retailers – Carrefour in France and aswaaq in the Middle East. The energy efficient lighting system enables retailers to provide location-based services to shoppers’ smartphones to help boost sales, drive operational efficiencies and increase customer loyalty.


Philips Day-Brite / Philips CFI LED linear suspended LBX luminaires come with optional LightBalance optics that give the versatility required for retail, industrial, and commercial applications. Available in five different configurations, the 4-foot and 8-foot units are easy to install and can be continuously mounted together in long runs. For applications where precise control is required LightBalance optics put the light where it’s needed.

“We are not just providing energy efficient LED lighting but the next generation of indoor positioning technology to help retailers keep up with the demands of modern shoppers,” said Amy Huntington, President of Philips Lighting Americas. “Around the world, we have already delivered on projects that demonstrate the potential of the Philips LED-based indoor positioning system and location analytics. It’s clear that shoppers want and expect these innovations, and we have an unmatched ability to deliver end-to-end systems and services that empower retailers to deliver them.”

The Philips Day-Brite LED Linear Suspended LBX is a connected luminaire, capable of being integrated into the Philips’ indoor positioning system – where individual light points transmit their location through a modulation of light (using a technology called Visible Light Communication) that is imperceptible to the human eye but not to a smartphone camera.


Upon downloading and switching on a retailer’s app, shoppers can access location-based services, for example, to plot the optimum route through the store to get items on their shopping list or to access product information or special offers and discounts.

In addition, the new LBX provides the right light, ensuring evenly lit merchandise from the top shelf to the bottom shelf, while improving energy efficiency by 25 percent compared to conventional lighting. By being connected, retailers can simply adjust the fixture’s lighting levels to best match store activity levels, driving further energy savings.

LightBalance optics use a unique one-optic-per-diode array resulting in the ideal combination of light distribution and efficiency. Users can choose between narrow, medium, wide, aisle and double asymmetric distributions. Luminaire provides excellent performance of up to 150 LPW; two diffuse lens options for glare control and up to 14 percent uplight; dimming drivers are standard with 0-10V control; optional occupancy sensors for additional energy savings; optional louver for added aesthetics and glare control; simple row mounting without disassembling luminaire; with LED engines and drivers are field replaceable for easy maintenance.

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