New EverString Data Platform combines machine learning, AI and human-curated training data

EverString launched Tuesday EverString Data Platform, setting a new standard for clean, reliable data that is constantly refreshed, improving, and expanding in real time. The platform is designed to give B2B sales, marketing, operations, and advanced analytics teams detailed company intelligence, the ability to move with greater speed, and the confidence to land more and more valuable deals.

EverString Data Platform covers the largest number of companies, delivers the highest accuracy, and uncovers the greatest depth of signals per company by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a proprietary Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) system. The result is data that is living, up to date and actionable.

The EverString platform is designed to help businesses instantly map and prioritize their total addressable market and quickly pull in companies that should be prospects but aren’t yet in their database.

To ensure that businesses have the insights they need to outpace the competition, achieve their growth goals, and increase productivity, EverString Data Platform automatically identifies problematic data and applies its Human Intensive Task (HIT) system to ensure record-level accuracy and to fuel deep learning to improve system-wide accuracy.

With the new platform, users no longer have to choose between data coverage and accuracy. Legacy solutions are hamstrung because they rely solely on humans to clean their data, creating databases that offer either broad coverage with low accuracy, or high accuracy for only a small set of companies.

EverString Data Platform captures tens of thousands of unique signals per company, ingests data from any and all data sources, creates new data through machine learning, keeps data current by continuously scouring the web, and cleans data with the AI-enabled output of more than 1,000,000 human workers.

“We’ve learned through our experience working with hundreds of global companies that for sales, marketing, operations, and analytics teams to achieve meaningful results from their data, they need coverage, accuracy, and depth. Without all three, performance is strained and go-to-market efforts suffer,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO and co-founder of EverString. “Machine learning and AI can be very powerful, but results won’t be optimal if the data going into these systems is low quality. When bad data is flowing into machine learning and analytics systems or directly to front-line sales and marketing users, teams waste a lot of time compensating for data problems.”

“It’s easy for AI products to lose trust because many don’t do what they promise. EverString Data Platform is designed to be as smart, trustworthy, and indispensable as your favorite search engine,” said Kardwell. “Non-linear improvements in data reliability have been made possible through the combination of machine learning and automated systems for distilling the collective intelligence of humans.”

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