Motorola Solutions, RapidSOS team to deliver data from connected devices to first responders

Motorola Solutions and RapidSOS announced Tuesday that they will work together to increase the data available to public safety agencies and first responders, providing critical information to accelerate response times and improve emergency outcomes.

With RapidSOS, third-party data collected by smartphones, connected cars, wearables and other connected devices will flow through Motorola Solutions’ emergency response systems, from 911 call-takers and dispatchers to police officers and emergency medical personnel in the field, creating end-to-end emergency data connectivity.

RapidSOS is an advanced emergency technology company. Formed in 2012 and backed by some of Silicon Valley technologists, RapidSOS is partnering with consumer technology companies and the public safety community to provide transformative data in emergencies.

RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies before they occur, dynamically warn people in harm’s way, and link data from any connected device directly to first responders in an emergency.

“We believe in technology that gets the right information to the right person, at the right time and in the right way,” said Eduardo Conrado, executive vice president, Strategy & Innovation Office, Motorola Solutions. “Our work with RapidSOS adds a new dimension to our software solutions for the command center, enabling critical information to be shared with the people who need it most.”

RapidSOS’ technology takes in information from any properly credentialed connected device and transmits it in a way that is compatible with existing 911 and emergency response systems. It can transmit data related to voice, location, multimedia including photos and videos from scene, type of emergency, medical and demographic data, real-time health information from wearables (heart rate, blood oxygen level, glucose) and vehicle telematics (airbag deployment, occupancy, speed before impact).

Data delivered by RapidSOS will be available as modules across Motorola Solutions’ command center software solutions, allowing PSAP personnel and first responders to choose the data they want, including wireless location, multimedia or health information.

“RapidSOS has advanced information about users in an emergency, and working with Motorola Solutions makes all of this rich data actionable,” said Michael Martin, chief executive officer, RapidSOS. “Our combined efforts provide the public safety community with the option for what, when, and how data is conveyed to them in an emergency to save lives.”

This relationship enhances Motorola Solutions’ portfolio of Smart Public Safety Solutions, which enables public safety agencies to turn data into intelligence.

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