Rx for Success: How Accuhealth’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solution is Transforming the Telehealth Space

The global healthcare technology provider is named a finalist in the IoT Innovator Awards’ ‘Best of IoT – Connected Medical and Healthcare’ category.

by Kim Kay

Remote patient monitoring – which offers the groundbreaking ability to virtually monitor patients outside of traditional, often restrictive clinical settings – has been a lifesaver for many, a fact that was deafeningly amplified during a global pandemic.

Post-pandemic, remote patient monitoring (RPM) remains an indispensable technology for patients, healthcare providers, caregivers and the healthcare system as a whole. That’s because RPM essentially extends the reach of physicians, allowing them easy access to their patients via a continuous flow of real-time health data.

Accuhealth, a leading-edge healthcare technology provider of global turn-key RPM solutions, knows just how valuable that flow of real-time health data is. Founded in 2018 when a group of cybersecurity professionals teamed up with a medical director, Accuhealth set out to completely reinvent the healthcare experience for both physicians and patients.

After a deep dive into the state of the telehealth marketplace, the folks at Accuhealth concluded that traditional primary care experiences – with their long wait times, crowded offices, exposure concerns and uncertain health outcomes – were in dire need of a major overhaul.

Operation Overhaul: Patients’ primary care experience reimagined

Accuhealth proceeded to overhaul the outmoded primary care experience by building an end-to-end RPM solution that includes hardware, software and first-line, always-on clinical monitoring with real-time vital information and Artificial Intelligence-enhanced data for physicians. In a nutshell, Accuhealth’s solution collects patients’ biometric data on a daily basis, which enables providers not only to get in front of potentially negative health outcomes, but also reduce the overall cost of care.

The judging panel for the 2022 IoT Innovator Awards recognized the pivotal role Accuhealth has been playing in delivering high quality and compassionate remote care, naming the company a finalist in its ‘Best of IoT – Connected Medical and Healthcare’ category.

IoT Innovator judges were particularly moved by Accuhealth’s innovative approach to providing telehealth services – an approach that, as mentioned above, not only yields improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, but also reduces costs for patients while increasing revenues for clinics.

“I consider this recognition from IoT Innovator a strong testament to the dedication and innovative approach that the entire Accuhealth team brings to work each day,” said Stephen Samson, Accuhealth’s founder and CEO.

The IoT Innovator Awards honor the best of the Internet of Things businesses and products across the globe by recognizing those pioneers who are channeling for users the infinite potential of the IoT in notably innovative and valuable ways.

A healthy prognosis

In 2022 alone, Accuhealth’s remote patient monitoring program resulted in 7,311 hospital visits avoided, which has produced a total cost savings of more than $100 million for Medicare/the U.S. healthcare system (based on the CMS average cost of $13,800 per trip to the hospital).

“This is something that we are particularly proud of and  proves the efficacy of remote monitoring and telehealth services,” said Samson. “RPM empowers providers with the right tools to consistently improve outcomes and patient health, while reducing the total cost of care. This creates an unparalleled healthcare experience for both patient and provider.”

A virtual finger on the pulse of patients’ vitals

Under the hood, Accuhealth boasts proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice sentiment analytics capabilities (used to gauge patients’ mental wellbeing), along with a 24/7/365 Health Operations Center, which allows physicians to deliver more than 100,000 touchpoints daily to their patients. These touchpoints assist physicians in dramatically increasing patient adherence, which, in turn, drastically improves patient health outcomes.

The company’s innovative healthcare program gets up close and personal with patients (in the virtual sense, of course), collecting and analyzing the physiologic data – including weight, temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, and other vital information – that they take from home. Accuhealth then electronically – and securely – transmits those vitals to providers across countless locations via accurate, reliable and intuitive RPM devices provided by remote patient monitoring device provider, Telli Health.

The idea is that, when armed with the right data, physicians are able to easily ward off patients’ looming health problems, which, of course, means more people remain healthy and out of the hospital.

A healthy dose of cybersecurity controls

On the security side of things, Stephen Samson brings to Accuhealth more than 25 years of cybersecurity experience, which includes developing and implementing enterprise level IT solutions (which means that HIPAA compliance and Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) certification are baked into the platform, natch). It also means that Accuhealth is one of only two companies selected by the NCCoE and NIST to help write the cybersecurity guidelines for RPM. 

Diagnosis: RPM and Chronic Care Management made easy and done right

Of course, a solution is only as good as its offerings. Accuhealth has successfully made its Remote Patient Monitoring solution simple and straightforward for physicians, their staff and patients, thanks to a host of appealing features.

For example, all clinical interactions on Accuhealth’s RPM platform are automatically time tracked, which allows for a secure audit trail and easy filing (the company even auto-generates claims for providers to save them from having to do billing manually). 

What’s more, in addition to being plug and play (which proves handy for an aging patient population), all of Accuhealth’s devices are ready to use straight out of the box (yes, that means erasing the need for clunky connectivity via Bluetooth or WiFi) and rigorously tested and clinically validated to ensure the highest standards for accuracy. Cellular-enabled devices (such as Accuhealth’s) rather than Bluetooth or Wifi-reliant ones (which most competitors still deploy) are – quite simply – easier to use and more reliable.

Accuhealth also manages to set itself apart by being the only vendor to offer no-cost, universal Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration with its own proprietary integration engine. Built in-house, Accuhealth’s integration engine allows it to fully integrate into a clinic’s existing EHR. 

Accuhealth is clearly changing the telehealth and remote patient monitoring landscape for the better with a healthy and robust solution, one that improves patient health while reducing the total cost of care. Now that’s what we call a clean bill of health.

Kim Kay is the editor-in-chief of IoT Innovator. You can reach her at kim_kay@iotinnovator.com.

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