Librestream boosts IoT capabilities of its Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub

Librestream, a provider of virtual presence systems for enterprises, expanded this week its Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub. This Internet of Things (IoT) device connects specialized test instruments for remote inspections. With this latest release, teams can now use the Onsight Collaboration Hub with Android smartphones and tablets in addition to iOS devices.

The Onsight 400R connects millions of ‘unconnected’ video and audio devices as part of live collaboration sessions. It also connects a range of video and audio devices such as wearable cameras for a hands-free collaboration, or non-destructive test (NDT) instruments such as borescopes and ultrasound devices.

The Onsight Collaboration Hub shares live visuals from previously unconnected test instruments to accelerate remote inspections and repairs. Already deployed across multiple applications and industries, the Onsight Collaboration Hub immediately connects these unconnected devices, including Non Destructive Test (NDT) instruments such as thermal imaging and ultrasound devices, and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) instruments such as borescopes and endoscopes.

With support for a range of video inputs including S-Video, VGA, and composite, the Onsight 400R can connect virtually any legacy NDT device, extending the life and value. For newer camera devices, the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub supports HDMI and USB inputs.

Regardless of the format and resolution support, the Onsight 400R is able to optimize visual clarity and stream live visuals to remote experts. Teams can record the session centrally, take high resolution pictures, or freeze and draw on the visuals together.

The Onsight 400R connects to smartphones or tablets to share live video from these critical video sources as part of a standard Onsight collaboration session.

“Field service teams in industries like aerospace and energy are now carrying the Onsight Hub as part of their kit to enable live remote inspections in the field. Customers tell us that this new capability is taking days out of service response time. That kind of business outcome is driving attention and motivates us to continue investing in this component of our platform,” said Kerry Thacher, president & CEO of Librestream.

In addition to the expanded Onsight Collaboration Hub IoT solution, Librestream added new features to the Onsight Connect for Android collaboration software. This newest release includes a streamlined user interface and knowledge base access.

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