IoT World 2016: iotracks announces iofabric, its open source distributed software service for IoT

iotracks Inc., a provider of distributed computing middleware for IoT, announced public availability of iotracks iofabric to allow integration of sensors, devices and data streams from any device on the edge or in the cloud. iofabric will be available under a dual license open source based on the industry standard AGPL open source license from the free software foundation.

The distributed software service that can be installed on commodity hardware running Linux or directly on a cloud instance. Once installed, iofabric automatically creates an integrated mesh network of distributed instances, making it easy to centrally deploy and manage IoT application, enabling IoT data streams to be processed individually or as a combination to create critical applications.

Designed for developers, integrators and solution providers, iofabric has been used in business and smart city applications such as equipment tracking | utilization, secure pharmacy access, staff tracking | operational efficiency, and correlating pedestrian traffic control with camera feeds.

“iotracks provides a critical missing piece of the IoT Stack. It is hard enough to integrate and process sensor data on the edge, iotracks does not only that but is able to create and manage a distributed mesh of compute instances. This makes it easy to manage large business solutions that are geographically distributed and scale to scores of sensors and devices,” said Lasse Andresen, founder and CTO at ForgeRock. “iotracks’ use of standard containers and microservices make it seamless to connect with enterprise systems such as ForgeRock’s identity, security and privacy platform.”

“We are excited to bring the first truly open source, distributed fog computing stack for IoT,” said Kilton Hopkins, founder and CTO at iotracks. “It has been architected with developers in mind and to make the integration and interoperability of sensor streams as simple and intuitive as developing for the web.”

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