The Industrial Internet Consortium enters into MoU with Japan’s Industrial Value Chain Initiative

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI), a forum of smart manufacturing for connected industries based in Japan, announced Wednesday they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to better align efforts to maximize interoperability, portability, security and privacy for the industrial Internet.

The Liaison Working Group is the gateway for formal relationships with standards and open-source organizations, consortia, alliances, certification and testing bodies and government entities/agencies. The agreement with the IVI is one of a number of agreements made by the IIC’s Liaison Working Group.

Joint activities between the IIC and the IVI will include sharing use cases and IIoT architecture information;

identifying and sharing IIoT best practices for manufacturing; collaborating on opportunities for future joint testbed projects; with other activities to which both parties agree.

“We look forward to a productive collaboration with the Industrial Value Chain Initiative as both organizations are set to greatly benefit from it,” said Dr. Jacques Durand, Director of IoT Engineering and Standards, Fujitsu North America, Inc., IIC Liaison Officer to IVI and IIC Steering Committee Member. “IVI understands industrial manufacturing and supply-chains very well and has a lot of experience in deploying IIoT for this mature sector.  At the same time, the IIC has the capability to globally harmonize IIoT best practices and models across countries and industries.”

“The Industrial Internet Consortium is an international organization, with about 260 member companies and 27 testbeds operating in 31 countries,” said Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., executive director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “We consider it especially important to work closely with regional and national IoT initiatives and are very much looking forward to our cooperation with the Industrial Value Chain Initiative to further the industrial Internet in the world.”

“We are delighted about this new liaison for further collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium,” said Prof. Dr. Yasuyuki Nishioka, president of the Industrial Value Chain Initiative.  “We believe the smart manufacturing use cases obtained by our bottom up approach can contribute towards a comprehensive reference architecture for global cooperation.”

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