AT&T collaborates with SunPower on solar IoT connectivity; Globecomm on satellite connectivity

AT&T has joined with SunPower to bring Internet of Things (IoT) technology to SunPower’s latest home energy solution — SunPower Equinox. The companies will also collaborate on co-marketing efforts to offer a SunPower home solar system to qualified AT&T customers this summer.

Over the next two years, AT&T and SunPower expect to wirelessly connect at least 100,000 solar electric systems in the U.S. providing customers with reliable access to system performance through AT&T’s IoT capabilities. The technology collaboration is designed to reduce onsite homeowner visits by allowing SunPower to wirelessly support solar power systems as needed and in near real-time.

SunPower Equinox system home solar solution has been fully designed and engineered to work seamlessly together — from solar cells to energy management software. The company recently released its SunPower Equinox system to homeowners in the U.S. SunPower calculates that its solution delivers 70 percent more energy over 25 years with 70 percent fewer visible parts compared to conventional solar.

“Our IoT solutions help customers remotely monitor cargo, homes, vehicles, containers and also —solar panels,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T. “Connectivity is changing how companies operate. We’re thrilled SunPower chose us to give them near real-time insights into how their solar energy solutions are performing for their customers and the tools to help manage them remotely.”


On Monday, AT&T teamed up with data management company Globecomm to launch a new service that allows satellite connectivity to work seamlessly with AT&T’s cellular network to deliver an integrated solution for managing IoT devices, networks and applications, so that businesses no longer need to purchase their cellular and satellite services separately.

“We’re offering a one-stop shop for IoT connectivity,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, AT&T IoT Solutions. “Our customers now have a flexible, reliable and highly secure service to monitor their assets nearly anywhere. They don’t have to choose one connectivity solution over the other — they can have the full package.”

“Businesses want more real-time visibility into their assets on a global scale,” said Jon Kirchner, senior vice president, Products and Corporate Strategy, Globecomm. “We’re working with AT&T to offer seamless connectivity over a single platform. We’re helping businesses collect and analyze critical information wherever their assets are — to generate operational improvements and hard ROI — on land or at sea.”

AT&T also enhanced its existing relationship with Otis Elevator Company, a unit of United Technologies to collaborate on opportunities to enhance connectivity through the use of IoT products – services and technologies that employ digital technologies to better connect with customers and with elevator, escalator and moving walkway equipment. This alliance with develop the connectivity to support advanced elevators, while also providing mobility to more than 30,000 service employees at Otis companies worldwide.

Otis companies will adopt AT&T IoT technology to aggregate data from cell networks and connect to a new enhanced cloud environment. AT&T’s Global SIM card and IoT Services, such as Control Center, M2X and Flow Designer, will also allow Otis to access real-time equipment performance data. In addition, AT&T will serve as the primary mobility provider for Otis field operations. By joining together, the companies will explore way to harness the power of digital technologies and communications networks to improve performance, lower costs and deliver better results for customers in building systems and aerospace.


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