FreeWave Technologies unveils rugged and secure radio for unmanned systems, military, OEM applications

FreeWave Technologies announced Thursday general availability of its MM2-5 watt 1.3 GHz (13X5W) integrated radio that features an external 5 Watt output, making the radio ideal for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and military applications where reliability is paramount and space is at a premium.

FreeWave’s  1.3 GHz radios are being utilized in many military and government applications around the world. These user-configurable 1.3 GHz products are available as OEM board level radios.  They are used in applications ranging from UAVs to UGVs, and more. Available in 1 and 5 Watt serial and 1 Watt Ethernet versions, the MM2-M13 Series ensures accurate and secure data transmission with 32 bit CRC error detection and automatic re-transmission.

The MM2-M13 Series has been designed to provide performance, reliability and quality that customers have come to know and expect in products. It combines high performance with a small size making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The MM2-13X5W is versatile, with the ability to function as a gateway, endpoint, repeater or endpoint/repeater, and provides exceptional security with proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. With line-of-sight range up to 90 miles, the MM2-13X5W can be deployed in settings in which lifesaving communications and security are paramount, including UAS applications, soldier training, environmental monitoring and other government and defense needs.

The radio also features 115.2 and 153.6 kbps selectable RF data rates; TDMA, super Epoch TDMA, and AES encryption; performance tests from -40 degrees celsius to +85 degrees celsius; and data link range up to 90 miles.

“The MM2-13X5W brings the same rugged and reliable functionality that all FreeWave products are known for, but we’ve given it a small package to allow our customers the ease of integration in situations where space is a primary consideration,” said Phil Linker, senior product line manager at FreeWave.

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