Electric Imp debuts QuickStart line to improve IoT adoption; improve connectivity of custom-built solutions

Electric Imp announced this week availability of new products in its IoT QuickStart line. Based on reference designs Electric Imp developed over the past five years, the IoT QuickStart Family is designed to help address frequently demanded connectivity and device prototypes for a fraction of the time and cost of custom-built solutions.

Electric Imp is global platform provider for Internet of Things (IoT) secure connectivity and application middleware, who helps over 100 manufacturers and enterprises transform the world through the power of connectivity. Over a million IoT devices have been built on our highly secure platform as a service, with devices deployed in 105 countries. Our unique solution – featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services purpose-built for the IoT – decreases cost and time to market while increasing security, scalability and flexibility.

The Electric Imp platform enables commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users. Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is located in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England.

The impAccelerator Solution Kits expedite development of complex, secure IoT cloud and edge applications and devices. The first three models available include impAccelerator: fieldbus gateway, designed for HVAC control and monitoring, predictive maintenance, lighting controls, factory automation and other industrial control systems, the Fieldbus Gateway delivers a securely programmable endpoint that can interact with multiple field buses, including Modbus-RTU, Modus-TCP and BACnet.

Powered by power over Ethernet (PoE), 8-40V AC/DC or USB, it communicates over Ethernet or dual-band WiFi, and can be easily expanded with its Mikrobus & XBee sockets and USB host port.

The impAccelerator: Wireless Communications Gateway is a flexible alternative to Linux wireless gateways helps improve security and dramatically lower both initial and ongoing maintenance costs. For application flexibility, the gateway is capable of supporting multiple wireless networks including Zigbee, ZWave, LoRA and sub-GHz radios.

The impAccelerator: Battery Powered Sensor Node provides secure environmental monitoring with four built-in sensors for applications such as commercial refrigeration, stores or transport. Also supports 1-Wire(R) devices and is powered for years using two AA batteries.

Electric Imp Breakout Boards are the next step in IoT-creation. Available for each module in the imp family, the Breakout Boards provide power to the imp-authorized hardware module, include all necessary antennas, and expose the available interfaces on the module, allowing for quick prototyping and characterization in real-world device, cloud and mobile applications. Three versions are currently available based on modules from Murata, including the imp003, imp004m, and imp005.

impExplorer Kits help software developers learn about – or train others – on connecting to the IoT using the imp platform without needing to breadboard or add additional components. The process of collecting environmental data, including temperature, humidity, air pressure & movement, is simplified and data securely sent to a wide range of off-the-shelf cloud service integrations. The kits also provide real-world output, with an RGB LED and Grove connectors for solderless expansion.

Each of the Quick Start Family products work out-of-the-box with Electric Imp’s market-leading IoT platform. With both device and cloud as managed services, Electric Imp provides security as a service: monitoring, patching and updating over the air (OTA) as necessary. All aspects of the Electric Imp platform operate in real time to ensure the continued security for the full lifecycle, from PoC to EoL, of its customers’ devices and data.

Pricing and availability available upon request.

In September, Electric Imp released of impOS 34. As the latest version of its IoT operating system, impOS 34 enables full-life-cycle development and maintenance of IoT edge devices and gateways. Besides being the first major release for the imp005 module, impOS 34 also increases levels of security for device connections and operating system updates and delivers private cloud support for customers using the imp003 module for edge applications.

impOS 34 brings support of Electric Imp’s Private impCloud to the imp003 module, which was previously only available on the imp005 module. Private impCloud equips customers with their own, unique instance of the Electric Imp Platform, running on customer-owned servers, fully-managed and secured by Electric Imp.

Each Private impCloud allows its owner to rapidly build out a dedicated cloud architecture tailored to fit their IT operations, security, and processing requirements for connected products and services.

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