CES 2017: myDevices unveils Cayenne IoT Ready Program to solve interoperability issues among devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company myDevices announced Tuesday official launch of its IoT Ready Program for hardware manufacturers at CES 2017. The program provides manufacturers with the ability to have their devices seamlessly communicate with any other manufacturer’s device.

The Cayenne IoT Ready Program is now available to all hardware manufacturers.

myDevices’ Cayenne platform empowers businesses to rapidly deploy IoT solutions and efficiently manage data. Since its introduction one year ago, over 120,000 developers have selected Cayenne as their tool to start building IoT projects. Most of these projects have been centered on maker solutions using the Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

However, this announcement includes myDevices’ MQTT API release and full LoRa support which exponentially expands Cayenne’s IoT project building capabilities to enable developers and organizations to use any micro-controller, gateway, sensor, motor and actuator for IoT solutions such as smart buildings, smart farming, smart metering and asset tracking applications.

Participating manufacturers in the IoT Ready Program can increase their sales by making their hardware IoT-ready and available to Cayenne’s community of users in a few easy steps. Once a member of the IoT Ready Program, on boarded devices will inherit all of Cayenne’s features.

There are several hardware manufacturers that have integrated their devices inside of Cayenne and are showcased in the IoT Creation Suite at CES, including Adeunis, Arduino, Ascoel, Elsys, GlobalSat, HaxIoT, Insigma, mc-Things, Microchip, Multitech, NKE Watteco, NXP, Raspberry Pi, Raveon, RisingHF, Semtech, Sensing Labs, STMicroelectronics, Tektelic, Tessel, Texas Instruments, YoSmart, and Zenseio.

In addition, Cayenne enables these devices to connect to the platform via any connectivity type such as LoRa, cellular, or WiFi. myDevices previously announced partnerships with leading connectivity providers, including Actility, Loriot, PixelNetworks, Senet, Orbiwise, and The Things Network.

“Getting different devices from different manufacturers to ‘talk’ to each other has been the holy grail for IoT,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices. “For years the IoT industry has tried to develop a set of unified standards, but we can no longer wait to see if this will happen or continue to get derailed. With our free IoT Ready Program, developers can mix and match sensors, gateways, and other devices all within one project simply by dragging and dropping from our extensive library of supported devices. The use case possibilities are endless and, fortunately, standards are not necessary.”

myDevices is providing demonstrations how to build IoT solutions using Cayenne as well as the following use case collaborations in its IoT Creation Suite.

Cayenne visualizes real-time and historical sensor data to display the locations of limousines transporting attendees along the Las Vegas Strip. LoRa Alliance members STMicroelectronics is providing LoRaWAN supported radio technology, and Senet is delivering public LPWAN connectivity and services to the Las Vegas area.

Cayenne provides occupancy status of smart parking use case. PNI Sensor Corporation introduces PlacePod, a highly accurate, IoT-enabled smart parking sensor using the LoRa chipset from Semtech, which has installed PlacePod in the electric vehicle parking spaces at their Camarillo, CA, corporate headquarters. The demonstration shows real-time alerts from Cayenne notifying open spaces.

Tektelic Communications, a manufacturer of LoRa IoT gateways, and OrbiWise, an international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRa technology, partners with myDevices to showcase a combined end-to-end solution highlighting interoperability and seamless communication between devices.


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