Brytlyt debuts SpotLyt, its visual analytics tool designed for massive datasets

Brytlyt, a GPU-accelerated database and analytics platform company, announced Wednesday that it is now offering a real-time visualization analytical tool called Spotlyt designed for massive data sets. SpotLyt allows data scientists and analysts to interactively analyze billion row data sets in real-time, helping them discover correlations and anomalies in ways previously thought impossible.

Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database, with its patent-pending IP, is transforming the way businesses use data. Multi-billion row datasets can now be queried in milliseconds, at massively reduced cost. There’s no need for businesses to lose their current investments in code, analytics, and visualization. Instead, they can accelerate them with Brytlyt with little to no effort.

Businesses can add and remove GPU resources at will, scaling their processing capability to suit their needs, ensuring they can massively reduce their data processing costs. Brytlyt is built on PostgreSQL, and its deep functionality is complemented by outstanding ease of use.

As SpotLyt is built on the open source Plotly platform, analysts will have the ability to add any custom visualization or dashboard that their business requires easily and quickly, while using the Brytlyt database gives real-time user experience.

In July, Cogeco Peer 1 announced its partnership with Brytlyt to drive a joint commitment to innovation for companies looking to harvest business growth from the latest developments in GPU database and analytics software, while simultaneously requiring a level of access and support, which bigger cloud providers do not offer.

Brytlyt provides organisations with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) database and analytics platform that combines extreme data processing power with ease of use, scalability and integration with legacy systems, using PostgreSQL and their patent pending IP.

Brytlyt and Cogeco Peer 1 are working together to address the core business needs that are driving the adoption of GPU powered insights, while optimising how the hardware and infrastructure is configured to seamlessly integrate with existing investments.

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