Bell Integrator launches Bell.One, its augmented reality platform to boost digital transformation

Bell Integrator, a global consulting and technology services company, recently launched Bell.One, a global marketplace featuring digital services such as augmented reality, the Internet of Things, automation, and big data for accelerating digital monetization.

Bell.One is an enterprise-level cloud platform that allows companies to explore and procure innovative services. Specifically, Bell.One empowers enterprises to build their own Augmented Reality (AR) experience based on a set of industry-specific AR solutions that are designed to increase customer engagement and drive new revenue. For example, a cloud tool named AR Creator allows users to create unique business cards, advertising, and educational materials.

Interactive images, videos, links, and 3D models can be added, in association with digital or paper collateral. Users can also discover interactive content with the help of a mobile application named NliteN for Enterprise, which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Besides advertising and education, there are a number of other ways for industries to monetize this innovation. All the industry-specific descriptions, along with the demos, are available at Bell.One. In addition to digital services, Bell.One also offers a number of core services, including managed security, storage and compute, cloud, and application services. From deployment tools to content delivery, over 20 services are available in just a few clicks. New services are quick to provision, without upfront fees, allowing businesses to access the building blocks they need to enable digital transformation.

Among other digital services is Smart Logistics, which gives companies the real-time data required to manage shipments in transit and monitor mobile field assets. Pay-as-you-go wireless devices with long battery lives deliver visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring, with no upfront hardware or software costs. Cloud-based data, reports, and analytics are included in an easy-to-access web portal and through mobile apps.

“We aim to accelerate monetization by bringing digital services to the forefront of our customers’ attention,” says Blair Newman, CTO, Bell Integrator USA. “Most of our digital solutions are developed to help our customers succeed and drive revenue in this new digitalized reality.”

In December last year, Bell Integrator launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) solution targeted to the enterprise. The AR solution delivers a unique experience that revolutionizes the way organizations connect with their customers. Users can now engage with interactive content by pointing their cellphone camera at an AR trigger, which can be an image, physical object, or a geographic location. This solution takes mobile marketing to a whole new level. Companies from different industries get a competitive edge implementing this technology by driving personalized marketing and improving operational efficiencies.

Bell Integrator will empower its clients from the manufacturing, construction, eCommerce, travel, healthcare, and logistics industries to leverage AR, implementing solutions for their own industry-specific goals.

There are many use cases for this emerging technology, such as 360º tours, location finders, virtual product demonstrations, education and training, product simulations and testing, incentive promotions, and interaction.


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