Airgain releases MULTIMAX FV 6-in-1 and 5-in-1 antennas to deliver high performance in a sleek enclosure

Airgain Inc., vendor of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking, announced on Wednesday release of its MULTIMAX FV 6-in-1 and 5-in-1 antennas. The MULTIMAX FV family is available in a range of configurations, supporting up to dual MIMO LTE including Band 14 for FirstNet, 3×3 MIMO Wi-Fi (or 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi), and multi-constellation GNSS, all in a compact enclosure.

With a smaller footprint than competing solutions and a strong, bolt-mount aluminum base, the MULTIMAX FV family provides greater protection against natural hazards threatening vehicles, including vibration, ice, salt, car washes, and tree sweeps. In addition, the elegant shark-fin design allows fleet owners to add style to their vehicles without compromising performance. The new products include high-gain antennas that deliver a larger cellular footprint alongside high rejection GNSS technology with coverage for multiple satellite systems including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou (BDS).

“Not only does reliable connectivity matter to fleet owners, but also aesthetics and the antenna form factor,” said Reed Pangborn, Airgain’s vice president of channel sales for North America. “Our new MULTIMAX FV family is uniquely designed to deliver in each of these key areas. Owners can rely on our commitment to providing class-leading performance across cellular, Wi-Fi, and GNSS as well as our industry-best reliability, but all built into a new, sleeker design that complements today’s fleet vehicles.”

The MULTIMAX FV family of antennas can be ordered in either black or white and are available now through channel partners or directly from the company.  As with other Antenna Plus portfolio products, the MULTIMAX FV family is built in the USA, delivering high quality and fast turnaround times.

In June, Airgain announced that it is actively engaged in the development of IEEE 802.11ax Over-the-Air (OTA) optimized reference designs for multiple tier 1 and tier 2 vendors of 802.11ax chipsets. It also confirmed it is in the performance verification phase of multiple commercial programs with leading service providers of 802.11ax gateways that expect to be the first of its kind to launch in 2019.

802.11ax is the next evolution in Wi-Fi standards, with the potential for up to 40 percent greater data rates, up to four times improved throughput per user in dense environments, increased network efficiency, and extended battery life of client devices compared to 802.11ac enabled Wi-Fi.

Airgain utilizes industry standard measurement tools and a proprietary implementation of the IEEE 802.11.2 draft recommended practice for the evaluation and optimization of 802.11 based Wireless systems. Airgain leveraged its extensive engineering expertise and testing environments to design an 802.11ax optimized antenna system that works seamlessly with the manufacturer’s chipset and access point reference designs.


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