ZeroStack improves IT visibility in self-driving cloud platform for better control

ZeroStack unveiled on Monday its new host-based metrics that enable better, more proactive IT management of its cloud platform. Cloud administrators can now define and enable alerting policies based on the status of physical hosts.

Alerting policies can be defined on specific host-based CPU utilization, storage, network bandwidth, and other parameters, providing proactive alerting that allows the IT department to control and monitor the cloud environment. This visibility ensures that DevOps workbench users have access to the resources they need without overloading IT infrastructure. DevOps users can also set up their own alerting policies within their workbench for monitoring the virtual resources they are using.

ZeroStack’s new alerts and thresholds enable IT administrators to set multiple policies on one or more physical hosts to monitor CPU utilization, memory utilization, network rates, and storage utilization and storage rates, so they have fine-grained alerting capabilities across multiple resources.

Alerts can be routed through a choice of notification channels including email, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow.

“Our mission is to provide self-provisioned access to DevOps Workbench tools for developers while making it easier and more cost-effective for the IT staff to retain control,” said Kamesh Pemmaraju, vice president of product management at ZeroStack. “With our advanced threshold monitoring and alerting features, we help IT managers give their DevOps customers what they want without overtaxing resources.”

Last month, ZeroStack announced that it has added OpenMake’s DeployHub Pro Continuous Deployment solution to its DevOps Workbench.

ZeroStack’s DevOps Workbench incorporates more than 40 preferred developer tools, along with open and extensible templates that speed the development process while enforcing consistency among far-flung development teams.

OpenMake’s DeployHub Pro conquers traditional software deployment challenges with safe, agentless software release automation so developers can realize the full benefits of agile DevOps and continuous deployment.

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