WISeKey debuts its WIS.WATCH ultra-secure connected watch; adopts high grade encryption and authentication

WISeKey launched Monday its next generation WIS.WATCH at Baselworld 2017. WIS.WATCH is a technology mutation created by the company for a new way of interaction between a human being and a watch allowing the watch to become the cryptographic key to the smartphone.

This is the first NFC watch that sends a Secure Digital Identity via NFC to the WISeID app, and activates the login process on the smartphone.

At the heart of this new WIS.WATCH strategy is the OISTE-WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust which has been actively used since 1999 by over 2.6 billion desktops, browsers, mobile devices, SSL certificates and Internet of Things’ devices.

WIS.Watch and WISeID offer a unique experience of interconnected objects and strengthens security while simplifying the user experience. With the connected WIS.WATCH, personal data, documents, and passwords remain safe and can also be securely encrypted and saved in the cloud. The security level of the authentication can be defined from basic watch authentication to multi-factor authentications including password, pattern and biometric recognition.

The OISTE WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust is ubiquitous and universal, and a pioneer in the identification of objects. All WIS.WATCH are equipped with this technology.

The connected watch benefits from the technology of VaultIC, the business WISeKey acquired last year allowing it to integrate the software and microchips on the watch equipped with the same type of MicroChip that powers bank cards with the latest VISA, MasterCard, Discover and First Data Corporation specifications. The WISeKey’s Micropass Intelligent payment platform offer advanced security, convenience and flexibility for multiple applications products along with other value-added applications.

The combination of WIS.WATCH and WISeID app allows users to securely backup their data online. This is handy should smartphone ever get lost or stolen, as users can configure their WISeID app so that after several failed attempts to access the secure data, the key will be wiped and data will be erased. The owner can restore the data from the secure cloud store into a new smartphone or a desktop WISeKey using the backup system activated by the WIS.WATCH.

The WIS.WATCH owners are now also able to make payments securely at the more than four million retail locations in 74 countries globally that accept MasterCard contactless transactions using the partnership signed last year between WISeKey and MasterCard.

With the WISeID NFC technology, the WIS.WATCH can be used as a personal key identifier and trusted device to access smartphones, applications, and personal data and secured cloud storage.

WIS.WATCH and WISeID together offer a unique experience of interconnected objects and strengthen personal security while simplifying the user experience. With the connected WIS.WATCH, people’s personal data, documents, and passwords remain safe, and can also be securely encrypted and saved in the cloud.

The payment capability complements the secure access functions being embedded in the WIS.WATCH powered by WISeKey’s semiconductors technology is unique in the market.

The secure access functions allow watch owners to unlock WISeID Mobile Application, which provides a unique user experience that protects personal digital assets encrypted on consumer smartphones or tablets by storing encrypted replicas of them in a secure cloud buried in a Swiss military bunker in the Alps.

WISeKey provides WIS.WATCH as a final consumer product with its own design and also as licensed technology to watch brands wanting to embed this technology on their watches. WISeKey has major luxury watch brands already using the WIS.WATCH technology to power high end watches now enquired with WISeKey cryptographic chips.

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