WinMagic launches SecureDoc for BitLocker for improved management of enterprise security

WinMagic Inc. announced Tuesday availability of SecureDoc for Microsoft’s BitLocker, a key management and encryption solution that improves BitLocker management for more robust security, enhanced functionality and ease-of-use for both IT administrators and end-users.

Securing critical information across global enterprises and throughout the cloud has become an executive-level and regulatory business imperative. Effective encryption management is a cornerstone to ensure protection of global information and critical assets. WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) provides enhanced encryption options to BitLocker environments and cloud management for Azure in addition to managing all encryption methods seamlessly across the growing number of extended heterogeneous IT environments.

Enterprises leveraging BitLocker encryption with WinMagic’s key management can take advantage of user friendliness with single sign on for the end user; PBA Preboot Authentication with smartcard; seamless provisioning through SecureDoc’s innovative full-disk-encryption deployment solution; always-on enterprise-class protocol that prevents accidentally (or intentionally) disabling BitLocker; platform and device-agnostic, Azure Windows based VMs functionality – centrally managing encryption supporting multi-platform; and comprehensive key management including access to multiple methods of password reset and key labeling for sustained data recovery capabilities over time. It also offers single pane of glass for improved endpoint and cloud management for Azure.

As a native feature included with select editions of Windows designed to protect data by providing 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, BitLocker becomes an enterprise-class encryption solution when combined with a separate enterprise key management system that is platform and end point agnostic and designed to ease deployment and operation. SecureDoc for BitLocker delivers the best of both worlds by combining the seamless encryption of BitLocker with WinMagic’s sophisticated and comprehensive enterprise key management.

“PC’s continue to dominate the enterprise market over other operating systems such as Linux and Mac, however, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment is becoming more common and the days of “one OS serves all” are coming to an end for large enterprises,” said Mark Hickman, COO of WinMagic. “Mobile Devices, tablets, and the Internet-of-Things have made it necessary for many organizations to integrate and utilize a variety of devices as a way to increase productivity and reduce costs. Securing these endpoints are adding complexities and costs calling for solutions like SecureDoc for BitLocker.”

Hickman continued, “WinMagic’s SecureDoc for BitLocker offers organizations total control over their data security environment ensuring maximum security and transparency. With SecureDoc’s added management of BitLocker, organizations can take advantage of the native OS encryption provided by BitLocker while gaining increased security through improved authentication and integration with SecureDoc pre-boot network authentication technology.”


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