Visec announces GPS web server to deliver real-time GPS location, time logs

Visec announced Monday that it has developed and manufactured the Visec GPS Server, a standalone network embedded hardware device that provides real time GPS data location and GPS time logs. The product offers a low-cost solution for GPS tracking and is accessible with a web client based on the standard client web server architecture.

The Visec GPS Server was engineered to be easy to use, support seamless third party integrations, provide extreme positioning accuracy, utilize low power consumption, display LED status indicators, have extreme portability for mobile application and be durable by being incased in a shock resistant metal chassis.

Visec develops IP video surveillance software, access control technology, license plate recognition systems, quick response code enabled video analytic processing, GPS Server hardware and cloud based surveillance solutions. Visec employs a team of software developers with a specialty in developing advanced mathematical algorithms for IP video application. It prides itself in producing complex solutions designed with the utmost software engineering standards known.

“The Visec GPS Server provides another example of the innovation at Visec,” says Jason K. Bordbar, MBA, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Visec USA Division. “Not only was this product manufactured in house, the research and development was based on a collaborative effort of all stakeholders to ensure proper technological alignment and ultimately maximize ROI.”

The Visec GPS Server was designed to be readily integrated into an internet of things (IOT) framework and 3rd party applications that require GPS tracking such as vehicle fleets, video surveillance, government agencies, retail asset protection and law enforcement activities.

To obtain GPS data, a web client simply sends a basic web command to the Visec GPS Server which results in a response containing the latest GPS data, such as latitude, longitude, date, time, speed, altitude, and height. An easy to use interface allows for additional customization.

“We originally developed the Visec GPS Server to be used exclusively for our Visec License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cloud Network in South Africa,” says Gary Scagell, CEO of Visec. “However, during beta testing we received multiple requests from 3rd party integrators for adoption and based on this demand, we have now made the technology available to the public.”

The Visec GPS Server is available for immediate purchase online at approximately US$499.


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