Vectorform joins with Microsoft to expand HoloLens technology to automotive design

Vectorform, a digital product and experiences company with capabilities in mixed reality design and engineering, announced on Thursday its collaboration with Microsoft to innovate vehicle design and prototyping processes for the automotive industry.

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headset, Vectorform and Microsoft enabled Ford Motor Company’s designers and engineers to view 3D holographic versions of exterior body options (e.g. side mirrors, grilles) overlaid on top of the physical vehicle prototypes.

This Vectorform solution accelerates the prototyping process by allowing designers to explore different shapes, sizes and textures of future vehicle attributes in minutes, instead of the weeks it can take to create clay models with physical tools. HoloLens also allows multiple team members to simultaneously view the same design variations, making collaboration easier and more productive.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Showcase team partnered with Vectorform on all design, content development, and engineering to build the mixed reality prototyping system. The companies collaborated for three months to create user experience flows, system requirements, user interfaces, 3D assets, and final engineering builds.

Vectorform is an official Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner in both North America and Europe, and recently debuted HoloFramer, a mixed reality experience that allows interior designers and architects to create and collaborate on virtual layouts for physical spaces.

“The ability to help Microsoft and its automotive clients see the potential impact of mixed reality in its design process is a huge win for Vectorform,” said Jason Vazzano, CEO and co-founder of Vectorform. “As we continue to work with Microsoft and HoloLens, we can’t wait to see what other industry-transforming mixed reality solutions we will bring to market.”

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