Trend Micro IoT security delivers support for Mentor Automotive ConnectedOS

As cars become more connected and smarter, security requirements for automotive systems are constantly growing. Recent attacks, mainly aimed at door lock and brake systems, have shown the vulnerability of smart cars, even forcing some car manufacturers to recall certain models.

Trend Micro announced on Thursday that its IoT Security supports Mentor Automotive ConnectedOS from Mentor, a Siemens business.

Mentor Automotive ConnectedOS is deployed in many in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) and driver information systems (Cluster) for a variety of automotive manufacturers.

Trend Micro IoT Security is a security solution for IoT devices connecting outside the vehicle with IP communications on general purpose operating systems. It reduces security risks by adopting the solution in the design and development stage. This provides better overall security for the connected car due to vulnerable holes that occur with bolted on security measures, which allow attackers access to the system.

The important functions of Trend Micro IoT Security are risk detection to identify risks using anomaly detection; file integrity verification; and vulnerability detection. It also brings about system protection with access control, intrusion detection and virtual patching; while delivering security visibility through security dashboard and management console.

“IoT devices bring immense challenges for all industries as they open new areas for criminals to attack. Effective IoT security needs to be implemented on all levels, on-device, as well as on the network and server,” said Eva Chen, co-founder and CEO of Trend Micro. “With IoT Security supporting Mentor Automotive ConnectedOS, we are able to build in security from the start and ensure it is not just an afterthought.”

“Trend Micro’s support for Mentor Automotive ConnectedOS will help us more effectively address the growing system security concerns of our automotive customers,” said Michael Ziganek, director of infotainment for Mentor’s automotive business unit.

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