Top Trends in IoT for 2017

As the IoT industry plows ahead at full speed, a number of trends have emerged as ones in which users and consumers are especially interested. Take a look at the 10 most popular posts from 2017 by our friends over at IoT For All.

Number 10: What’s the Difference Between Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT?

What sets apart IIoT from consumer-centric apps such as smart smoke alarms and fridges? Read a simple break down of the differences between the consumer and industrial IoT landscapes here.

Number 9: What is Narrowband IoT?

People have high hopes and big plans for Narrowband IoT, speculating that it will become the best low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology option. Read here to learn about its benefits and use challenges.

Number 8: The Benefits of LPWAN Technology Over Other IoT Connectivity Options

Read here to learn about the benefits of LPWAN and how it often trumps other IoT connectivity options.

Number 7: Highlights from Internet of Things World 2017

The 2017 Internet of Things World Conference in Santa Clara was overflowing with information about customer value, partnerships, edge computing and security issues. Read here for a glimpse into predictions for 2018.

Number 6: Applying Machine Learning to IoT

“Machine learning” is a buzz phrase that seems to be everywhere these days, but what does it really mean and how it best be applied to the Internet of Things? Find out about its potential here.

Number 5: Vulnerability Exposed in the Ring Doorbell

Needless to say, IoT security remains top of mind for developers, vendors and users alike, which is why the vulnerability that was uncovered in the Ring Doorbell last March was eye-opening. Read more this security breach here as well as the secure inroads the IoT market has made since then.

Number 4: All-time Worst IoT Security Hacks

For those of us playing in the IoT space, security hacks represent our worst fears come to life. Read here for some seriously cautionary tales to steel yourself and your company against similar hacks, vulnerabilities and breaches.

Number 3: Discovering the Differences Between AI, ML, and DL

Read here for a straightforward primer on the differences between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL).

Number 2: Comparing LoRa, Siggox, RPMA, and other LPWAN Technologies

Connectivity is king and the popularity of this piece exploring long-range, low power wireless platform (LoRa), Sigfox, Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) and LPWAN proves it.

Number 1: Stop Doing These Things if you Want to Succeed in IoT

The key to success is not just doing the right things but knowing not to do the wrong things. Read here to discover things vendors should stop – and more importantly, start – doing.

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