ThirdEye Gen unveils augmented reality Smartglass, AR software applications

ThirdEye Gen announced Wednesday development of a fully integrated Augmented Reality (AR) solution that includes the “X1” Smartglass and AR software applications. This product is aimed for enterprise verticals including education, industrials/manufacturing, field-service site inspection/maintenance and law enforcement.

The product has a distinguished pedigree- ThirdEye’s team has extensive R&D, product development and patent experience with augmented reality hardware and software for the US Department of Defense.

ThirdEye Gen has also created AR software focused on providing live audio, video, P.O.V AR data between remote users. The smartglass app is hands-free – the user controls via their head-motion which is based on ThirdEye’s proprietary software and provides an intuitive AR interface that allows on-site personnel to collaborate with remotely located experts.

Its 3-screen interface allows the remote user to have a clear Field of View while rotating between AR screens via head-motion.  A cloud based architecture enables the entire session to be archived for later reference. This app will directly contribute to improved first time repair rates and to more cost-effective operations.  

The software is modular- for example, Law Enforcement and Industrials can input real-time image recognition capabilities while Universities can stream a remote Professor’s live Point of View with annotations. ThirdEye is also developing custom education AR content- including 3D AR renderings of course curriculum, interactive campus tours where AR info is overlaid onto the user’s Point of View & other AR software applicable to education.

The X1 Smartglass pushes the boundary of Augmented Reality hardware. Packed with the latest sensors, chips and a powerful optics design that allows users to experience a 1280x720p binocular display that is the equivalent to a 90-inch screen at 10 feet, the X1 is a fully integrated product that enables ThirdEye to be a leading player in the commercial AR field.  The sleek form factor of the X1 also allows the user to easily wear it while doing tasks.

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