Sprint and CalAmp form IoT alliance to deliver advanced telematics solutions that improve operational efficiency, drive profitability

CalAmp announced Tuesday a relationship with Sprint to deliver telematics devices and software applications, along with unique CalAmp iOn Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription services. The relationship further grows Sprint’s broad range of connected car, fleet and asset management services that drive operational efficiencies and secure high-value assets for enterprise and business customers.

Through Sprint Curiosity IoT, a fully dedicated, distributed and virtualized core network and operating system built for IoT, Sprint’s customers and channel partners will be able to provision CalAmp devices, as well as leverage CalAmp software services to develop or enhance vertical market offerings. 

Sprint has plans to leverage these capabilities to offer a Supply Chain Intelligence solution, which provides real-time visibility, environmental information and data analytics about goods in transit. These detailed insights will enable manufacturers and transportation service providers to make informed decisions, secure assets and comply with regulations to improve overall supply chain efficiency and help drive greater profitability for Sprint enterprise customers.

The Curiosity IoT platform is a native Internet of Things network and platform for turning collected data from connected devices into actionable intelligence. Sprint has put intelligence at the edge of the network by bringing together a dedicated, distributed and virtualized core network and operating system. The platform is 5G-ready and designed for the demands of IoT applications and use cases, including artificial intelligence, robotics and edge computing.

With Curiosity, Sprint offers solutions to business problems companies face every day, from providing internet connectivity only, to offering an operating system and end-to-end solutions that helps drive commerce and innovation.

Through the agreement, CalAmp will develop intelligent telematics devices leveraging Sprint’s CAT M next generation wireless network to provide actionable insights from cars, trucks, trailers and other mobile assets that increase safety and boost productivity. 

CalAmp iOn DaaS bundles a telematics device with access to a broad portfolio of connected car micro-services, such as CrashBoxx crash response and driver behavior scoring, allowing Sprint enterprise and channel partners to lower business costs and drive new revenue streams from subscription services.

“CalAmp’s broad telematics device and service portfolio, coupled with Curiosity IoT opens up access to multiple vertical market applications leveraging our next generation CAT M network,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president, IoT and product development at Sprint. “From food safety through supply chain to high value asset monitoring, our work with CalAmp allows us to deliver the solutions that address the specific business challenges of our enterprise and SMB customers to drive actionable intelligence that can improve business outcomes.”

Sprint’s Curiosity IoT platform establishes the perfect environment to expand access to our fleet management, supply chain and subscription-based services,” says Carl Burrow, senior vice president of global sales. “We see this relationship as much more than a product offering, but an avenue to develop solutions that enhance the customer experience and drive better business performance.” 

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