Splice Machine joins with Informatica to help modernize applications using operational AI

Splice Machine, provider of operational artificial intelligence (AI) data platform, announced that it has partnered with Informatica, a data integration and cloud management company, to create a Connector that will remove latency from real-time, operational AI applications and accelerate the journey to AI for the enterprise.

The Connector will leverage Informatica’s cloud data management capabilities to accelerate data migration onto Splice Machine’s operational AI data platform, streamlining the ETL process and making it easier to modernize enterprise applications without delay.

The announcement comes a month after the company announced the launch of a beta program for ML Manager, a native data science and machine learning platform operating on top of Splice Machine’s data platform, adding machine learning workflow management capabilities and giving data scientists an integrated platform for rapid experimentation and robust model management.

Operating on top of Splice Machine’s data platform, ML Manager empowers data science teams to maximize the performance of their machine learning models by removing the latency associated with building complex data pipelines, performing cumbersome transformations and training models on updated data.

With ML Manager, data scientists can experiment on ten times as many data pipelines to optimize their models, and when they eventually deploy the model into the production environment, it can immediately start making predictions in real time.

IT data infrastructure consisting of separate transactional, analytical, and data science platforms is not viable for today’s modern machine learning-powered applications because it is not agile enough to deliver the real-time data that is needed to continuously train the machine learning model in minutes versus hours or days.

ML Manager helps enhance the productivity of data scientists by running the machine learning models at the database level using the most current data available. This approach facilitates retraining the model whenever the underlying data attributes change, ensuring that the model is operating at its optimum performance.

“In our mission to power real-time applications, our partnership with Informatica allows us to remove a significant barrier that stands in the way to modernizing applications, which is slow data migration and latency,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “The new Connector, combined with our operational AI data platform, will power intelligent applications by leveraging real-time data at scale, improving decision making and delivering better business outcomes.”

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