SoftBank collaborates with Vayyar’s sensor technology for use in public transport, construction, elderly care

SoftBank Corp., a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., and Vayyar Imaging jointly announced on Thursday that they have agreed to collaborate in the IoT field. The companies also agreed that SoftBank will be the channel priority partner for Vayyar’s products in the Japan market.

Vayyar Imaging, whose technology can see through almost any object or material, is partnering with SoftBank to develop technological solutions for the Japanese market. Together they are developing applications which combine SoftBank’s AI with Vayyar’s sensor technology for use in public transport, construction, and elderly care.

The rise of IoT and AI have compounded to produce opportunities where technologies can be used to create buildings and infrastructure which are safer, more energy efficient and better able to handle large crowds.

SoftBank provides mobile communication, fixed-line communication, and Internet connection services to consumers and corporate customers in Japan. Leveraging the innovative technologies of other SoftBank Group companies, SoftBank Corp. is also expanding into AI, smart robotics, IoT, FinTech, cloud security and other business sectors.

Vayyar Imaging is changing the imaging and sensing market with its breakthrough 3D imaging sensor technology. Utilizing a state-of-the-art embedded chip and advanced imaging algorithms, Vayyar’s mission is to help people worldwide improve their health, safety and quality of life using mobile, low-cost, and safe 3D imaging sensors.

Among other applications, Vayyar and SoftBank will be working on analyzing people flow for use in transportation optimization; monitoring structural integrity in real time both during and after construction; providing safety solutions for public areas; and collecting and analyzing big data.

Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Vayyar, said: “We are honored to work on a joint endeavor with SoftBank. A partnership between SoftBank and Vayyar means that we will be collaborating our sensor technology with their AI technology to create cutting-edge innovations.”

Hironobu Tamba, VP Smart IoT division, said: “Vayyar is the global leader of radio wave 3D imaging, and we are excited to be their channel priority partner for the Japanese market. We see great synergy between their sensor technology and the needs of our customers.”

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