Seventh Knight debuts Intel SGX-enabled PC security tool for enterprise endpoints

Seventh Knight Inc., developer of next-generation enterprise security technology, released recently the latest version of AppMoat, a centrally managed and scalable enterprise tool for Microsoft Windows-based endpoints enabled with Intel’s cryptographic isolation technology, Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX). AppMoat replicates the security of “application virtualization” and “whitelisting” while allowing customers to secure the hardware currently in use.

Seventh Knight designed AppMoat to protect Windows-based endpoints between updates and patches on enterprise networks where every machine and software configuration is different and ever changing. Traditional whitelisting technology is limited in its secure dynamic configuration, but AppMoat allows legitimate software and updates to run on-the-fly for end users where traditional whitelisting would stop productivity and require an approval.

With enabling Intel SGX, AppMoat delivers the enterprise-grade performance, reliability and security required by customers, such as content delivery networks (CDN), cloud service providers (CSP), communications networks and financial institutions.

“AppMoat represents a radically new concept featuring low overhead where legitimate software functions instantly and renders bad code harmless– whether from a trusted connection to a remote data store or through a remote desktop connection to a server. By eliminating the rogue software intrusions in real time, AppMoat offers a more secure solution for both our customers and their consumers,” said Luke Koestler, CEO and founder of Seventh Knight, Inc.

AppMoat has the ability to protect an endpoint or server from threats such as ransomware, without reliance upon the traditional model of software protecting software. With AppMoat, legitimate business software can run and update without delays or manual approvals by IT staff.

Unknown and potentially harmful software is contained and securely run with limited credentials within a temporary profile that will be scrubbed and safely deleted after the process exits, reported to IT in real time, and still be accessible to the end user for use if legitimate. AppMoat is not a form of traditional whitelisting and can run on older hardware if Intel SGX is not available.

“The integration of Seventh Knight’s latest version of AppMoat and Intel’s SGX technology, improves the efficacy of hardware and software-based security layers on every endpoint,” said Rick Echevarria, vice president of the Software and Services Group and general manager of the Platforms Security Division at Intel.

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