Semtech delivers 5G wireless segments at distances from 10m to 20km with integrated drivers, TIAs and ROSAs

Semtech announced on Monday immediate availability of its complete IC portfolio, ClearEdge and FiberEdge, optimized for optical transceivers serving 5G wireless applications.

Semtech’s optical networking product platforms provide high-performance signal integrity for optical module solutions used by companies in the data center/enterprise networking, wireless infrastructure and passive optical network/Fiber to the X markets.

It offers comprehensive portfolios of optical transceiver IC products ranging from 100Mbps to over 100Gbps, supporting industry standards such as Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, Ethernet, Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), Passive Optical Network (PON), Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) and PCI Express. Semtech is also investing in leading-edge technologies to enable communication systems at 400Gbps and beyond.

The capability of 5G has come into sharp focus in recent months and 5G deployments are expected to accelerate throughout 2019. Apart from being faster and more reliable, 5G wireless networks are transforming how devices connect to the Internet and with each other. 5G enables key markets such as virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), and other applications requiring high throughput, massive network connectivity and ultra-low-latency for real-time operations.

With higher amounts of mobile data, 5G wireless networks require higher speed wired interconnect. Key components of these wireline networks are optical transceiver modules capable of supporting industrial temperature range for distances starting from 10m to over 20km.

Semtech helped launch 5G deployments with its ClearEdge platform (GN2139C CDR) and is now delivering integrated PHY/PMD solutions. This technology enables module vendors to develop more fully optimized next gen optical transceivers.

“Semtech is one of the leading suppliers of ICs for Optical Transceivers used in 4G wireless applications and we now look forward to playing a leading role in enabling 5G. It is our mission to help customers succeed with highly innovative products for this emerging market,” said Gary Beauchamp, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “Our complete portfolio of ICs deliver best-in-class technical performance and commercial value and will enable the wide range of optical transceivers needed in 5G deployments.”

“We believe WDM will be an important segment for 5G in Korea and Japan, while Tunable and DML based modules will be critical for China market. Europe and North America will utilize existing wireless architecture that requires multi-mode fiber optical modules. We look forward to supporting our customers today and tomorrow with a highly differentiated IC portfolio,” said Dr. Timothy Vang, VP of Marketing and Applications for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group.

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