Samsung and Fuze provides workforce collaboration to 5G networks and IoT environments

Fuze announced on Monday its alliance with Samsung Electronics that combines Samsung mobile devices with Fuze software and services to pave the way for a series of end-to-end solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.

The convergence of 5G networks with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning will have a profound impact on the modern workforce. This change will bring faster and more accessible connectivity empowering mission critical use cases in remote locations, from smart transportation and logistics to manufacturing, construction, energy, farming, and remote healthcare. It will also bring even smarter communications that enable increased worker engagement across organizations, from traditional knowledge workers to the frontline.

With this partnership, Fuze and Samsung will prepare global organizations and their workforce for a future of work where the workplace is less about a place and more mobile and remote.

As part of this alliance, Fuze and Samsung will work closely together to create unique product experiences for the modern workforce. Fuze has a proven track record of providing high quality audio and video experiences from a single platform that includes Fuze-developed audio, video, and chat technologies.

Similarly, Samsung is also known for the highest quality image, video, and audio in the mobile market and owns all aspects of the products it delivers, from design to manufacturing. This will enable the two companies to collaborate in unique ways as they work to bring optimized experiences to enterprise organizations.

The first of these collaborations has already been delivered, empowering frontline workers in the distribution and logistics industry. Attendees at Enterprise Connect will hear Waste Management share its story, which includes its use of Fuze and Samsung in over 15,000 of its trucks, increasing safety, reducing cost and complexity, and opening the door for new use cases.

Additional solutions are currently in development, including simplified Fuze huddle room experiences that leverage Samsung Galaxy tablets to promote greater accessibility; enhanced productivity solutions centering on Samsung DeX; and optimized UCaaS experiences for new Samsung products, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

“The 5G era is here and it is dramatically changing how the global workforce uses and communicates with technology,” said Taher Behbehani, senior vice president and general manager, Samsung for Business, Samsung Electronics America. “As the device manufacturer of choice for leading enterprises and frontline workers, we are constantly striving to help our customers do business. Partnering with Fuze enables Samsung to help enterprise customers reduce collaboration barriers, creating a more agile and flexible workforce.”

“With Fuze software and Samsung devices together, enterprise organizations can ensure they are future-proofing investments, while also unlocking future potential tied to the increased availability of 5G. By breaking down the barriers that enable employees to do their best work, organizations are no longer constrained by where the work is done or where to find and hire the best talent,” said Colin Doherty, CEO of Fuze. “By expanding our Samsung relationship, Fuze is empowering organizations to be more agile and competitive as they enable the next generation of digital workers with leading hardware and software optimized for seamless collaboration.”

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