Ring Protect System to bring Sigma Designs Z-Wave SmartStart, Security 2 technologies to market

Sigma Designs, vendor of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for connected smart TV platforms and smart home IoT, announced this week that Ring has announced Ring Protect, initial products to feature the combination of Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) and Z-Wave SmartStart technologies.

Ring’s first professionally monitored alarm system deploys the latest Z-Wave advancements, S2 and SmartStart, in its base station, keypad, and sensors. Ring Protect can be self-installed by homeowners and renters, leveraging the Z-Wave SmartStart for simple setup, as devices only need to be mounted and powered up to be “magically” connected to the network.

The first implementation of the S2 framework, now mandatory in all Z-Wave Certified devices by the Z-Wave Alliance, provides security both for the Ring base station to the cloud, as well as between it and the connected devices. S2 was developed in part by cybersecurity experts, and provides peace of mind to Ring Protect customers that their security system is secure.

Z-Wave technology is an open internationally recognized ITU standard (G.9959). It provides wireless home control technology, with over 1700 certified interoperable products worldwide. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance and supported by more than 450 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart living solutions for home safety and security, energy, hospitality, office and light commercial applications.

“The Z-Wave advancements that we’ve launched this year are starting to enter the market as businesses recognize the need for security, and the value of fully automated installation,” said Raoul Wijgergangs, VP of the Z-Wave Business Unit Worldwide. “Ring is the first to market with their new system, and we welcome them to the Z-Wave ecosystem.”

“Using Z-Wave S2 and SmartStart in Ring Protect helps us to ensure that our home security system will be both safer, and smarter for users,” commented Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff. “With a mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods, we’re focused on providing total home security for our customers, and offering a simple setup that’s also secure.”

The Ring Protect system is available for pre-order on Ring.com, or at HomeDepot.com and BestBuy.com.

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