PointGrab now part of Cisco digital ceiling initiative for smarter buildings

PointGrab announced Thursday that it has joined the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework as a partner for developing building automation solutions over one IP network. The Cisco Digital Ceiling is an IoT-based solution that connects building services in a single, converged IP network through an extensive ecosystem of leading-edge technologies.

PointGrab joins Cisco Digital Ceiling partners such as Philips and Cree for lighting, Johnson Controls for building automation, and Relayr for ISVs, among others.

PointGrab’s edge-analytics smart sensor, CogniPoint, complements the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework by providing occupancy analytics with low cost and connectivity to ensure that organizations are able to make better, more informed decisions affecting building management.


By embedding deep learning technology into optical sensing devices, PointGrab’s CogniPoint sensor provides unprecedented analytics precision in the detection of occupants’ locations, count, and movements, thus enabling effective office space management and enhancing buildings’ operations efficiency. The sensor is a miniature network-connected device, running state-of–the-art deep learning algorithms on a low-cost embedded ARM-based processor.

As a member of the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework, PointGrab will collaborate with leading organizations to drive toward smarter, connected, and more secure buildings. These leaders from lighting, building automation and other technology disciplines reflect an integrated approach to the digitized building, ensuring that building operators and occupants get optimal results.

“The quality and breadth of information available for digital building management is determined by the smart sensor’s data capture and analysis, making sensors a critical technology for smart buildings,” said Itamar Roth, Chief Business Officer, PointGrab. “PointGrab’s inclusion in the Cisco Digital Ceiling partnership is a welcome recognition of the CogniPoint sensor’s unique contribution to next generation building automation.”

Earlier this month, PointGrab announced that it has been selected as a partner in the new Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv Program. Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv offers the opportunity to collaborate with a $10 billion vendor in fire & security solutions, serving diverse verticals in over 200 countries.

Tyco, tapping into the tenacious innovation in the Tel Aviv technology community, created the new program to foster collaboration and help early stage and more mature companies expedite cutting-edge technologies to the market. PointGrab’s edge-analytics IoT sensor, with its unique occupants tracking capability, is expected to be a key enabler of smarter and more connected buildings.

As a program partner, Tyco will provide PointGrab with exposure and access to its customers and top clients, experienced professional counsel, and a gateway to the global marketplace through Tyco’s multi-national channels.

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