Philips Hue is now a debut partner with Google’s voice platform, Google Home

Philips Lighting announced Tuesday that the Philips Hue connected lighting system is a debut partner with Google’s new voice activated speaker, Google Home. The speaker is powered by the Google assistant that answers your questions and helps you get things done.

Customers in the US will be able to use Google Home to control their lights. This integration makes Philips Hue the first connected lighting system that can be used with key smart home platforms.

Serving professional and consumer markets, Philips leads the industry in leveraging the Internet of Things to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces. With 2015 sales of EUR 7.5 billion, the company have approximately 36,000 employees in over 70 countries.

Connected lighting system Philips Hue comprises of bulbs, strips, spots, lamps and controls. Through a vibrant developer program there are more than 600 third-party apps for Philips Hue. The system is transforming how light is used in and around the home to stimulate senses, light up moments and helps to provide peace of mind when away from home.

From the launch of Philips Hue in October 2012, Philips Lighting has encouraged other companies to develop devices, apps and systems that interoperate with the system. From third-party apps and wearable technology, to internet services and connected home products; Philips Hue goes beyond illumination to provide more than just light – to deliver new experiences where the only limit is the imagination.

Users will now be able to switch their Philips Hue lights on/off using Google Home but also dim them, and select desired light color to create the right ambiance in the home. If the user needs a light to set the mood for a dinner party, for example, simply ask Google Home: “Ok Google dim my dining room lights to 20 percent.” Immediately, they will be bathed in a cozy dimmed light to make guests feel relaxed and at home. Or, if they want a splash of color, the user can tell Google assistant to match the living room lights with one’s favorite sports team’s colors when watching the action on TV, creating a fun game-viewing experience.

Google Home will cost $129 and is now available in the US. Philips Hue is sold across the US and comprises bulbs, strips, spots, lamps and controls.

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