New myDevices’ IoT in a Box app now comes with Arm Pelion IoT platform to provide enterprise-grade IoT capabilities

myDevices has partnered with Arm to accelerate creation of finished IoT solutions by simplifying device onboarding and increasing the number of sensors, gateways, and solutions integrated with the Arm Pelion IoT Platform that customers can leverage.

myDevices has partnered with hundreds of gateway and sensor manufacturers to create an ecosystem of LoRa devices that can be mixed and matched to create specific vertical applications.

myDevices’ IoT in a Box app helps customers protect business assets including remote IoT solutions for commercial refrigeration and facility management monitoring. Solutions come pre-packaged with sensors and a gateway to monitor temperature, humidity, water leak detection, motion detection and more. Additional sensors are available to solve almost any use case.

In addition to the vast catalog of devices, myDevices provides IoT enablement such as QR code onboarding, permission-based user management, escalations, threshold alerts, time-based rules, reporting, corrective action logs, device history visualization, and third party integrations, all accessible from native mobile apps, an online dashboard, or an API.

The consumer can use the app to set up solutions, visualize sensors, their readings, and their location to quickly identify issues. It also provides timely text and email alerts when the sensor data is out of range. Users can customise reports to receive daily, weekly and monthly PDF reports via email. The device history provides under limited data at the fingertips to access sensor readings wherever and whenever necessary.

The dashboard helps users to effortlessly control user access to one or multiple locations, while managing customers and their locations.

At the Arm TechCon event, myDevices and Arm will provision a variety of sensors and gateways to demonstrate how easy it is for integrators and enterprise customers to combine sensors to solve specific use cases such as cold storage, facility management, pest control, and other remote monitoring solutions.

“Organizations are looking for a fast and simple way to get their IoT solutions running from prototype development to production,” said Charlene Marini, vice president of strategy, IoT Services Group, Arm. “Together with myDevices we are providing an easy onboarding user experience with device and data management, enabling customers to benefit from IoT solutions immediately and easily scale them as their business grows.”

“As a result of the collaboration, system integrators and enterprise customers can now easily configure and deploy a secure, commercial-ready IoT solution in days,” said Kevin Bromber, founder and CEO of myDevices. “In addition, Arm’s device management provides secure FOTA updates to these solutions while Arm’s data management provides enterprise level insights that meet the needs of the most challenging IoT use cases.”


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