Neura releases True Personas product that allows users to personalize based on offline user behavior

Neura, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for personalization of digital experiences, announced on Wednesday True Personas, its initial persona derived from physical world intelligence. This enables personalization of products and services to match each user based on behavior and traits they exhibit in their offline lives.

Until today, apps and connected devices lag behind online personalization. When personas have been in use, they were limited to broad segmentation, such as age and gender. With the deeper understanding True Personas provides, content and service providers are now able to better engage customers based on what is gleaned from physical world intelligence, such as a workaholic, avid runner, or sleep deprived. The more personalized approach to content and services directly impacts the overall customer experience.

Neura provides users with a product to tailor personally to each of them by securely analyzing data from smartphones and IoT devices allows the Neura platform to generate actionable insights about personas and moments in the users’ lives, enabling immediate response and in context to their behavior.

Neura created this physical world-based personas, which enables delivery of most relevant content and experiences to their end users. This is because they now understand their users at a granular level that is a reflection of their lifestyle.

Neura summarizes user activities such as sleep, physical activity, driving time, work level, and more based on situations and moments throughout each user’s day. By understanding a user’s summarized habits and lifestyle, Neura is able to deduce a persona, such as Avid Runner.

“As we introduce the first mobile patient intelligence platform to the market, specialty pharma brands will have the ability to customize support programs by user segment. Helparound can uniquely provide a holistic understanding of the needs of each user – whether patient or caregiver,” said Helparound CEO Yishai Knobel. “By leveraging Neura True Personas, Helparound is able to incorporate behavioral insights into this profile and accurately match them against the brands’ segmentation model.”

“We developed real world-based personas to enable companies like HelpAround to better serve their customers,” said Neura Head of Product and Co-founder Ori Shaashua. “By understanding how users engage with a service at a particular moment in their day, True Personas become actionable intelligence that our customers use to improve their product offerings.”


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