Microshare.io partners with Penteon.io to simplify IoT adoption; joins LoRa Alliance to support growth of low-power networks

Microshare.io announced on Wednesday a global alliance with the sensor and data analytics firm Penteon, and has joined the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association of members to drive the success of the LoRaWAN open global standard for secure, carrier-grade Internet of Things Low Power Wide Area Network connectivity.

Microshare.io works with clients in real estate, media, financial tech, and transportation using its microshare software suite to provide data governance, storage, and contextual security solutions to Internet of Things (IoT) data feeds. New York-based Penteon has clients that include major infrastructure, military and government entities, and leverages its sensor and cloud enterprise expertise to focus on the design and manufacture of hardware, software, telecommunications and data analytics for IoT applications.

Microshare has developed a comprehensive data governance software for the IoT era, whose millions of new sensors threaten to swamp traditional data analytics, security and compliance regimes. The firm’s patent-pending software enables a granular parsing of the torrent of Big Data implicit in the advent of IoT to enable a compliant, secure and contract-ready monetization of data streams through APIs. This crucial governance and compliance layer is absent from current middleware solutions.

“This is the world’s first turn-key solution that brings real IoT business cases to life,” says Ron Rock, CEO of Microshare.io. “Penteon and Microshare both view the complicated and potentially lucrative challenge of IoT data more of an opportunity than a risk. Our alliance collapses the timeline from idea to real IoT data being available to our customers.”

Clay Perreault, CEO of Penteon, says the joint offering will enable both small and large-scale IoT projects the opportunity to connect to a low-cost, open, carrier-neutral platform. “The partnership will deliver secure device communications throughout the United States and fuel the explosive growth potential of the next generation of IoT services,” Perrault added.

LoRa is quickly becoming the global standard for IoT networking including nationwide networks already in place in most of Western Europe and Asia, with initial applications already running in smart city, public transportation, smart metering, environmental monitoring, pest control and asset tracking.

Charles Paumelle, CMO of Microshare.io, said joining the LoRa Alliance was a natural next step, after working closely for the last 12 months with multiple parties in the association and delivering data governance solutions to both carriers, software and hardware manufacturers.

“We have identified dozens of solutions which are ideally fulfilled by the LoRaWAN standard across multiple vertical industries, such as real estate, facilities management, transportation and energy management,” Paumelle said. “And we’ve been made very welcome by many members of the LoRa ecosystem who see our microshare™ system as a unique complementary solution providing a ready-made data store for massive volumes of data, with full real-time, high-throughput control, compliance and audit capabilities using Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.”

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