Merlin CSI merges Altizon Datonis IIoT platform to drive data analytics and machine learning

Altizon, an industrial IIoT platform company, and Merlin CSI, a firm specializing in software design, implementation and the support of industrial automation, control and edge processing systems, announced on Tuesday Merlin CSI’s adoption of Altizon’s open innovation kit for its Datonis IIoT platform, consisting of APIs and a SDK for product integration of analytics and machine learning (ML) into everyday manufacturing processes.

The complete solution allows Merlin CSI to leverage data analytics as a backend for its SINET line of hardware and software products. With SINET Edge Processing Framework, Merlin CSI offers its customers the capability to acquire and analyze rich data both at the edge and in the cloud to predict failures throughout the manufacturing process before they occur, letting businesses focus on customer needs.

Key benefits include faster time-to-market for goods, actionable intelligence about operations, and cost savings by acquiring a ready-made analytics engine and machine learning (ML) infrastructure via Datonis.

Merlin is an IoT consulting company specializing in the deployment of asset monitoring systems. Merlin CSI provides an end-to-end IoT solution based on its Sinet edge processing platform and high-speed data acquisition capabilities. Sinet provides automated data collection and secure delivery to the cloud. Sinet provides a cloud based data analysis layer enabling secondary data processing, big data analytics and visualization for data scientists and end users.

Merlin CSI specializes in connecting the physical world to the digital world. Their SINET edge processing system provides the most advanced capabilities available including PLC data communications, sensor interfaces and high-speed vibration analysis. Merlin has over 20 years of experience deploying systems in a broad range of industrial markets including smart factories and remotely located machinery.

Altizon is driving manufacturing intelligence in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. Datonis software is the IIOT solution that helps manufacturers to revolutionize their shop floors by enabling the IT-OT/technology and operational grid – a hybrid infrastructure using edge computing, sensors, advanced in-stream analytics and deep learning. This helps manufacturers to build an Intelligent connected ecosystem that spurs the flow of real time data for measurable business improvement in manufacturing.

“Altizon Datonis has demonstrated its capabilities as a highly reliable data analytics resource for Merlin CSI,” said Tom Voorhees, president and CEO, Merlin CSI. “By incorporating the Altizon Datonis IIoT Platform open innovation kit with our SINET edge processing system, we can help our clients analyze and visualize their data in real-time, and make better, more informed operational decisions faster.”

“Together, Altizon and Merlin CSI are heightening manufacturing intelligence with connected machines and smart data analysis,” said Vinay Nathan, CEO, Altizon. “This helps a wide variety of global industrial firms to make the shift from being ‘reactive’ to ‘predictive’ about their machine’s performance and throughput. The result is increased productivity for manufacturing plants that have higher operational costs.”

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