MemSQL 6.7 database enterprises of all sizes to do more with less, faster and more easily

MemSQL announced on Tuesday a new version of its database that is faster, simplifies cluster monitoring, and provides a free tier that offers full product capabilities for anyone to use in production. MemSQL 6.7 empowers businesses of all sizes across industries to do more with less, faster and more easily.

MemSQL 6.7 gives new and existing customers a more seamless onboarding experience, simplified database management, and better performance for increasingly complex queries. With the release of version 6.7, the MemSQL database will be free for development and in production, up to a limit of 128GB of RAM capacity, with unlimited disk/SSD usage.

Companies looking for 24×7, ticket-based support and guidance, or those who require more than 128GB of memory, can upgrade to the Enterprise license in minutes simply by updating a single license file.

The new release also includes MemSQL Studio, a new monitoring tool that makes it easier to troubleshoot and optimize MemSQL. The tool gives users a simpler way to visualize the health of MemSQL clusters across resources, events, and queries. Additional improvements include command line tooling that simplifies multi-node setup and cloud formation templates to simplify and automate cluster deployments and configuration. Customers can experience a major performance improvement for star join queries, with some queries speeding up by as much as 100 times.

In the modern data economy, businesses can’t afford to have latency or barriers that limit decision-making or the ability to provide the ideal customer experience. Leveraging data quickly and effectively is key to gaining a competitive edge. Yet, the existing databases and infrastructure used by most companies struggle to cope with the increasing demands of modern business. Legacy and NoSQL data platforms that were marketed to address these concerns are instead falling short of expectations and are requiring fixes that breed more complexity.

“The data economy has evolved into a decision economy, where a competitive edge is gained by how quickly companies can make insight-driven decisions,” says MemSQL CEO Nikita Shamgunov. “With MemSQL 6.7, we’re bringing the world’s fastest database to everyone, and making it easier than ever for our customers to create more powerful applications and analytical systems with a database that easily exceeds their performance, scale, and concurrency requirements.”

“Providing up-to-the-second information is critical for us to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” said Franck Leveneur, tech lead for Wag Labs, creator of the Wag! on-demand dog walking service. “MemSQL simplified database management for our team, while enabling us to process data in real time to deliver on those elevated customer experiences without the need for costly new tools.”

“The database landscape consists of a number of vendors, ranging from legacy relational to NoSQL to NewSQL,” said James Curtis, senior analyst for the Data, AI & Analytics Channel at 451 Research. “As a means to make actionable decisions on their data, many vendors are turning to hybrid databases for transactional and analytical processing, which requires the ability to maintain performance for both workloads.”

“At Areeba, trust is at the heart of our innovation,” said Elie Soukayem, director of data and analytics at Areeba. “We provide financial services and government customers with payment and loyalty solutions that have to just work. And that’s exactly what MemSQL does. It just works. It allows us to monitor and detect potential fraud so that our customers are safe and their users feel protected.”

Currently available, MemSQL 6.7 helps customers unlock the power of their data to transform their business, and build intelligent, dynamic applications even faster. MemSQL is backed by GV, Accel, Khosla Ventures and other investors, and raised US$30 million in its Series D financing round in May this year.


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