Machinechat introduces network-integrated data management offering for IoT networks

Machinechat, provider of ready-to-deploy IoT data management solutions, announced Tuesday JEDI IoT Data Manager, its network-integrated data management software. Leveraging software-defined networking principles, Machinechat JEDI IoT Data Manager is a ready-to-deploy network-integrated IoT data management software solution purpose-built to bring IoT data management intelligence to existing network routers, gateways and access points.

With Machinechat JEDI IoT Data Manager, IT networking OEMs will now be able to offer highly differentiated IoT data management and integration capabilities, enabling them to expand into new markets and customer segments.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Machinechat’s aim is to be supplier of ready-to-deploy network-integrated data management solutions for IoT networks.

Leveraging software-defined networking principles, Machinechat’s easy-to-use and affordable solutions enable IoT solution architects, developers and networking OEMs to connect and direct data from new and existing IoT sensors and machines to existing cloud and enterprise-based applications without the need to alter existing machine hardware or firmware or learn additional programming languages.

Machinechat JEDI allows IoT solution architects to accelerate development and deployment of IoT projects without the need for changing existing hardware, firmware or developing new application software. Machinechat JEDI’s point and click functionality simplifies the process of getting the right data from sensors and connected machines to the right applications at the right time.

The offering integrates sensors and machines with enterprise applications; can develop and deploy proof-of-concepts in hours instead of months; and provides integrated support for Azure and AWS IoT platforms for integrating on-premise sensors and machines with cloud-based applications without modifying the sensors or machines. It also helps save on per-device cloud costs by aggregating multiple sensors and machines into one virtual gateway; save on cloud connectivity costs using scheduled store-and-forward of data; and save on cloud bandwidth costs using real time data filtering and compression.

The solution enables elimination of time, costs and complexity in learning new toolchains for developing and maintaining vendor-specific firmware on IoT modules and gateways; eliminates time, costs and complexity of developing complex multi-threaded network communications software for communicating with hundreds of machines; eliminates need for separate device and data monitoring software applications; and delivers ready-to-deploy with integrated data dashboards, alerts, notifications

With JEDI IoT Data Manager for Networking OEMs, customers can build real-world proof-of-concepts using networking OEMs routers, gateways and access points without the need for custom firmware; and integrate sensors and machines with their existing on-premise and cloud-based enterprise applications using existing and new routers, gateways and access points.

It also helps replace or augment legacy virtual COM port driver software that only works on Microsoft Windows with modern REST-API based software that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and embedded ARM-based platforms; and accelerate time-to-revenue by providing ready-to-use production-ready software with integrated dashboards, device monitoring, data management, alerts and notifications.

“More than 10 years after Cisco declared that the Internet of Things (IoT) was born, the promise of IoT still remains out of reach for the majority of organizations,” said Sanjeev Datla, founder and CEO of Machinechat. “The reason is simple: While the cost of connectivity has decreased, the lack of IoT intelligence in the network makes even the simplest of IoT projects complex and excessively dependent on the cloud to deploy. With JEDI IoT Data Manager, Machinechat enables both existing and new networking equipment to become IoT aware – allowing IoT solution architects to focus on configuring versus coding, and enabling IoT networks to achieve automated machine data integration and management in minutes, not months.”   

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