L&T Infotech unleashes power of IoT to manufacturing, utilities, construction segments based on Oracle cloud service

Information technology services and solutions vendor L&T Infotech collaborated on Tuesday with Oracle to develop and market solutions based on the Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service. The companies are working together on cloud solutions to help manufacturing, utilities and construction companies digitize business processes and improve operational efficiencies.

LTI provides comprehensive Oracle solutions and applications encompassing smart sensors, connected assets, real-time visualization and advanced analytics.

L&T Infotech leverages its experience in IoT, understanding of myriad industries and a strong partnership ecosystem to help enterprises transform their business. Its four-phased approach for IoT enabled business transformation enables enterprises to find new revenue opportunities while improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. It comprises of business case identification and prioritization; solution design based on business roadmap; solution delivery and integration; and solution continuity.

LTI and Oracle will leverage their technical and domain expertise to deliver several solutions; such as visual cargo for fleet safety and shipment tracking with enriched customer experience. This solution replaces telematics devices installed in trucks with a mobile solution leveraging sensors. The smart water processing includes a water de-ionization solution that connects scattered filters, customers, manufacturers and technicians to provide preventive water purification while optimizing inventory and lowering operational costs.

Time out of Environment, a solution measuring the cumulative time a cold storage item (refrigerated and/or frozen) is out of its native or base storage condition throughout the course of its life; while Heavy Assets Management, a solution that provides asset tracking and monitoring tools to enable the monitoring of utilization of assets, fuel consumption, proactive maintenance and survival probability. The solution reduces operating expenses to help improve business profitability.

Industrial Pump Optimization solution allows complete control of pumps installed at remote locations, and provides direct visibility of operating to perform predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

“Manufacturing, utilities and construction sectors are witnessing unprecedented convergence of physical and digital worlds,” said Sanjay Jalona, CEO and Managing Director, LTI. “Today’s announcement underscores LTI’s commitment to bring a broad array of IoT innovations based on the Oracle IoT Cloud Service to these sectors.”

“L&T Infotech is an established Oracle partner with significant IoT expertise and we are excited by the depth and breadth of their solutions leveraging the Oracle Internet of Things, Cloud Service and our IoT Applications,” said Atul Mahamuni, Oracle’s vice president for product management. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with L&T Infotech to deliver increased value for our customers, including improved utilization, reduced maintenance costs and enhanced efficiencies.”


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