Ivanti automates device isolation and remediation to enhance defense-in-depth security strategy

Ivanti announced this week release of a new version of Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by Landesk, and Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager. Simplifying endpoint management and security for IT with an integrated console and workflows, Ivanti Endpoint Manager combines device discovery and inventory capabilities with secure configuration management to operationalize an organization’s defense-in-depth strategy.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is a proven, reliable solution that consolidates the management of all the devices users access from a single, unified endpoint management suite. Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager detects and prevents security threats on endpoints using media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, application control and automated patch management technology along with flexible dashboards and reporting.

Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager extends prevention support with capabilities including device and application control, and in this release, provides significant new features to automate device isolation and remediation during a security event.

Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager, offered as an on-premises or hosted cloud solution, now includes capabilities to harden endpoints for true defense in depth. These new automated features enable the rapid recovery of endpoints following a security event while dramatically limiting the spread of malware. Using Ivanti detection logic, along with Ivanti’s Application Programming Interface (API) that integrates with endpoint security solutions, Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager will detect new malware events quickly for immediate response.    

Once a breach is detected, Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager will isolate the device from the network automatically, preventing the malware from spreading throughout the network. Further, Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager will automate actions that are triggered by the detection of malware. These actions include installing software and running scripts as well as allowing remote access while the machine is isolated. Administrators can also perform forensic analysis and reimage the infected machine, speeding the endpoint’s recovery to a true production state.

As either an on-premises or hosted cloud solution, Ivanti Endpoint Manager includes several capabilities. Ivanti Endpoint Manager now supports tvOS (10 and 11) and Raspbian IoT devices and systems that use the Ubuntu operating system, expanding the list of device types under unified management for comprehensive policy control. For mixed-device enterprises, Ivanti Endpoint Manager lets you manage devices via an agent, MDM management, or both. The MDM management capabilities enable group enrollments for faster batch provisioning to multiple device types that now include Android 8, iOS 11 and macOS devices in addition to Windows.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager leverages comprehensive discovery and analysis data to provide actionable real-time dashboards powered by Xtraction. These dashboards enable informed decision making related to key processes such as Windows 10 migrations, software and hardware discovery, hardware refresh analysis, mitigating security vulnerabilities, and OS and application patching and compliance.

“Endpoints continue to pose the greatest security risks in today’s enterprise,” said Duane Newman, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Ivanti. “With the latest release of Ivanti Endpoint Manager, we are helping to streamline Security and IT Operations team processes while working to reduce the attack surface. New security automation in our Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager solution will even detect infected devices, isolate them from the network and remediate them for rapid incident response.”

“The assault on endpoints is still increasing. Attackers continue exploiting new vulnerabilities and evolving new techniques to compromise endpoints and steal information,” said David Monahan, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. “Once an endpoint is compromised, early detection and the ability to respond quickly and effectively are crucial to minimizing impact and loss. Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager’s enhanced automation brings response and recovery to the next level. Isolation is a key component for reducing the spread of malware, especially ransomware, while surgical remediation reduces the admin restoration workload by as much as 80 percent and employee downtime by as much as 75 percent.”

Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3 and Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager 2017.3 are available now.

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