Inpixon now part of ng Connect Program; boosts adoption, development of indoor positioning analytics

Inpixon announced Wednesday its participation in the ng Connect Program, founded by Nokia, to create new high value solutions. By joining this program, Inpixon plans to supply the benefits of sensor technology, real-time positioning, and data analytics to customers across numerous industries.

Inpixon will collaborate with other members to develop solutions suites for several markets, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail and government agencies.

The ng Connect Program creates high-value solutions that leverage next generation networks, cloud and IoT technologies. With its dynamic, multi-industry membership, ng Connect drives relevance and new business models through innovation. Founded by Nokia, ng Connect comprises more than 375 collaborating members, including innovators and leaders in networks, consumer electronics, applications, platforms and vertical markets.

The Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) solution improves visibility into the network and total enterprise, multiplying a security team’s effect by positioning trusted devices and uncovering potential threats. Its sensors passively and anonymously monitor of both known and unknown devices, sending alerts in real-time when unauthorized devices enter a protected zone.

Inpixon’s data science analytics platform enables administration, real-time monitoring, data collection, auditing and analytics reporting, including connectors to integrate other surveillance, device management, and identity management systems.

Inpixon IPA offers capabilities including positioning, device recognition, device reputation, visitor analytics, and location intelligence to enable the ng Connect community’s implementation of cutting edge IoT and 5G solutions to market.

The combined product set, along with member offerings, will bring new security dimensions to IoT devices and superior user experiences to customers across smart buildings, manufacturing operations, healthcare facilities, retailers, shopping malls, and government agencies.

“ng Connect Program represents substantial engagement opportunities for us across the IoT and 5G community members to deliver rich positional context and analytics platform for any location-based applications,” said Craig Harper, Inpixon CTO. “Nokia has a historical reputation of working with carriers and partners to offer their customers unique products. We’re eager to capitalize this opportunity and make our IPA platform part of both the IoT and 5G communities.”

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