Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics will now integrate with SAS analytics to enhance level of customer insight

Inpixon, an indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced Wednesday a technology integration collaboration with SAS, a vendor of advanced analytics software (SAS) that enables SAS to integrate Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) and metrics into the SAS dashboard and analytics. Inpixon also joins the SAS IoT Eco-system Program, and the companies plan to undertake joint marketing and promotional activities.

The SAS and Inpixon collaboration will enable indoor positioning data to be combined with myriad additional data sources such as a company’s sales history, point-of-sale data, customer loyalty information, along with external sources such as weather and economic data.

Once integrated, SAS with Inpixon IPA is expected to be able to deliver omnichannel analytics to help businesses gain predictive insights about customer journey, staffing, inventory and marketing campaign effectiveness. While useful across various industries, the solution is anticipated to be particularly compelling for retailers, shopping malls, banks, airports, mass transit, hospitals, schools and public buildings such as government, museums and libraries.

Inpixon IPA Sensors are designed to find all accessible cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices anonymously. Paired with a high-performance data analytics platform, this technology delivers visibility, security, and business intelligence on any commercial or government location worldwide. Inpixon’s products and professional services group help customers take advantage of mobile, big data, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors.

The Inpixon IPA Platform uses radio frequency sensors to anonymously identify all accessible cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals being emitted from cell phones and other devices and processes the information using an extraordinarily-fast data mining engine to enable new information insights and actionable intelligence, such as visitor counts and customer behavior patterns.

SAS analytics helps organizations to access, manage, analyze and report on data to power effective decision-making. With 2017 revenues of $3.2 billion and customers in 146 countries, the company has been recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in several analytics platforms categories.

SAS chose Inpixon in part because their sensor technology and advanced algorithms can result in more wireless devices being detected, with greater accuracy and richer, more in-depth information. For instance, the ability to study customer movement from one area of the floor to another (“zone analysis”) is a key Inpixon feature not offered by many indoor positioning system vendors.

“We’ve always known that our software is only as good as the data that our customers use to fuel analytics,” said Dan Mitchell, Director, SAS Global Retail & CPG Practice. “That is why we put a premium on aligning with quality collaborators like Inpixon. We look forward to offering predictive analytics that incorporate indoor positioning data to solve tough, fast-moving business problems.”

“IoT devices generate so much data — exabytes a day,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. “At Inpixon, we believe the keys to success are to acquire as many data sources as possible, to fuse those sources, and to apply advanced analytics including AI. When done right, the insights gleaned and the decision-making you can do are game changing. We believe the market’s appetite for this kind of data combination will be insatiable.”


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