Inpixon to adopt blockchain to build device reputation repository, strengthen IoT security

Inpixon, an indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced on Tuesday that it will use blockchain to develop a global repository of device reputations to help enterprise security and retailers mitigate rogue-device risk proactively.

Inpixon believes that the use of blockchain in connection with its Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) platform will lessen overall risk for retailers by creating a self-managing payment platform that will deliver value and reward its customers for loyalty, while also reducing threat by layering device reputation onto simple account management.

Blockchain technology allows for the rapid identification and quarantining of mal-devices to prevent fraudulent transactions with the potential to protect millions of dollars.

For enterprise security, where the burgeoning use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is exposing businesses to unaccounted amounts of threat, the use of blockchain technologies in our IPA will assist to maintain and propagate device reputation, enforcing security policies and attaining compliance. One of our objectives in 2018 is to incrementally develop and append IPA’s on-premise components and maintain blockchain certificate stores for use across installations globally.

“The use of blockchain technology is one of several strategic product development plans we have for 2018 that we believe will modernize Indoor Positioning radically,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. “With the use of blockchain technologies for various applications, including security enforcement, payment authorization, identity verification, and access authentication, the Inpixon IPA platform which provides accurate indoor positioning context for millions of devices will be able to offer unique device reputation.”

In the next few weeks, Inpixon intends to unveil several other technology enhancements for its 2018 product roadmap including the use of artificial intelligence for amassing anonymous device information, enabling voice-assisted analytics interface and next-generation sensor technology.

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